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Equipment Identity Register (EIR)

The mobile network gate-keeper providing network security and revenue protection.

The Key Solution To Mobile Network Security

Network security and revenue protection. 100% software based, supporting 2G/3G, 4G/LTE and 5G with extensive feature set for implementing service logic, active triggering, reporting, alarming and more.
ICON_SHIELD > Network And Revenue Protection

Preventing calls from stolen, unauthorized and fraudulent activity.

ICON_AUTONOMOUS > Support Wide Protocols

Works across Diameter, SS7 and various other protocols.

ICON_DATA QUALITY > 100% Standard Compliance

Supports all relevant 3GPP specifications for EIR.

ICON_End-To-End Integration > Easy Integration

Easy integration with network elements and wide opportunities for implementing additional services.


High Capacity, Powerful Performance EIR Solution

Supports scaling up and scaling out, without any technical limits. Eliminate unauthorized devices to minimize the risk to operator revenues and customer experience.
> Device Authentication Security

Blacklist, Whitelist, Greylist, customize list.

> Subscriber Plan Locking

Blocking stolen devices and even locking a SIM card to a device.

> IMSI-IMEI Locking

Flexible service logic can be applied to (un)block devices based on IMEI-IMSI combinations.

> IMEI Cloning Detection

Automatic device detection functionality required for identification of changes of subscriber’s device based on MAP procedures (MAP-CHECK-IMEI) in full accordance with international standards.

> Auto-Provisioning

Automatic black/white/grey-list synchronization with the GSMA (GSMA IMEI DB), IMEI checking and modification of device status.

> Web Interface Dashboard Reporting

Detail visual analytics.



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