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Beyond traditional anti-money laundering protection. Comprehensive Enterprise Risk Management solution leveraging on AI machine learning predictive analysis to reduce financial risk and manage compliance for your organization.


Fast Onboarding With Fully Automated KYC / AML Risk Assessment

End-to-end customer journey from initial customer onboarding to AML/CTF regulatory compliance and reporting.

End-to-end workflow automation from on-boarding of customers, EDD screening to AML compliance reporting and list management.

ICON_KPI MONITORING > Minimal False Positive

Advanced detection techniques utilizing behavioral modeling and AI machine learning predictive analytics for accurate detection rates and minimal false positive ratios.

ICON_AUTONOMOUS > High-Volume Data Management

Easily integrate with your existing systems with capability to streamline, integrate and process high-volume of data from multiple data source points.

ICON_Customizable > Customizable Configuration

Flexible and customizable configuration setup, auditing and reports to meet both present and future needs.


The Comprehensive And Dynamic Anti-Money Laundering Solution

Stay ahead of financial crime with the advanced, accurate and efficient risk assessment tool.
> Know Your Customer (KYC)

KYC / CDD / EDD requirements checked for all registered and new customers/dealers/agents against watch lists published by regulatory bodies, internal and external blacklists.

> Workflow Automation Integration

AI-driven end-to-end customer journey from initial customer onboarding to AML/CTF regulatory compliance and reporting.

> Enhance Due Diligence (EDD)

Identify high-risk customers who conduct large or unusual transactions.

> AML Anomaly Analysis

Identifying emerging unusual patterns and high-risk links to offenders or bad agents quickly and effectively.

> Transaction Profiling & Monitoring

Identifies and profiles suspicious and abnormal events in customers / dealers / agents / staff's transactions that match money laundering patterns.

> Real-Time Dashboard And Case Management

Enabled detail and real-time case management, investigation, and data mining tools providing simple access to clear transaction data.



We deliver tailored solutions by deeply understanding each client's unique needs and requirements.