Anti-Money Laundering

Powerful Anti-Money Laundering solution to reduce financial risk

Neural Technologies’ Optimus Enterprise Risk Management Solution provides comprehensive Anti-Money Laundering protection to reduce financial risk for your organization. It leverages powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions to help ensure AML compliance, utilizing sophisticated neural network technology to monitor and manage transactions.

The Optimus Platform is designed to allow you to assess prospective customers at the outset of any relationship, identifying potential risk factors as part of enhanced due diligence (EDD) procedures. This offers a solution that helps identify financial risk during the on-boarding process, as well as enabling your enterprise to monitor day-to-day activities of customers to identify suspicious and potentially fraudulent behavior. The Optimus Anti-Money Laundering platform can also be used to monitor employee activity, providing a valuable solution to identify

Comprehensive AML monitoring

This advanced solution enables enterprises to employ rules, thresholds, advanced profiling, and behavioral modelling to monitor usage and activity, providing Anti-Money Laundering and fraud detection that boosts AML compliance. The Optimus solution can assess customer/dealer/agent activities to analyze, identify, and highlight anomalous or fraudulent behavior. Neural network technologies provide behavioral modelling which can quickly and accurately identify emerging fraud patterns.

Detailed insight is enabled through case management, investigation, and data mining tools, providing simple access to clear transaction data. This allows enterprises to simply and comprehensively carry out effective in-depth analysis of actors, and perform ad-hoc queries on customers and transactional data where needed to uncover hidden risks or unusual activity.

Anti-Money Laundering Features

Slide CDD/EDD checks performed using Optimus’ in-built Link Analysis module which employs varied matching techniques.
KYC requirements checked for all registered and new customers against watch lists published by regulatory bodies.
All customers scanned against internal and external black lists.
Slide Profiling of transactions for customers, dealers, agents, and staff. Transaction monitoring undertaken to identify any abnormal transactions that match money laundering patterns. Optimus Insight is used for customized dashboards and reports in order to meet all regulatory reporting requirements Slide Graphical representation of link analysis results help to identify money laundering patterns and fraud rings quickly and effectively.

Business Benefits for Customers

Anti-Money Laundering
Reduced Financial Risk
Optimus offers a complete solution to mitigate the risk from customer onboarding, EDD checks, transaction monitoring and reporting.
Anti-Money Laundering
AML Compliance
Provides a powerful platform to meet all regulatory compliance needs.
Anti-Money Laundering
Advanced Detection
Alongside traditional rules and threshold-based techniques to identify fraud, Optimus employs neural behavioral modeling and predictive analytics, significantly boosting fraud detection rates and false positive ratios.
Anti-Money Laundering
Automated Solution
Automates key processes such as downloading of screening lists from external sources, conducting KYC, CDD, EDD, transaction monitoring, creating regulatory reports and uploading them onto other platforms. Minimal manual intervention required, providing businesses relevant and accurate fraud detection.
Anti-Money Laundering
Supplier Independence
Optimus enables organizations to create customized configurations and reports using user-friendly graphical user interface.

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