Data integration that drives real business value

Accelerating data collection presents a growing challenge for businesses. Collecting data isn’t enough, enterprises face increasing pressures to turn expanding data lakes into actionable business insight. The Optimus Mediation platform offers a data integration solution that helps businesses enhance operational efficiency and access new revenue streams through valuable data understanding.

Optimus Mediation platform provides data integration, caching, and ETL tools that perform better than rival stand-alone mediation solutions. Our generic digital integration platform is capable of running any digitized data processing scenario, providing data conversion that easily integrates with both legacy and new data collection systems. This core flexibility is fundamental to effective digital integration.

Scalable solutions for business

Optimus platform is designed to meet the data needs of enterprises, providing a platform which enables end-to-end lifecycle data management. Processing, analyzing, normalizing, enriching, charging, applying business logic, storing and retrieving data for digital integration is all dealt with by a single platform.

In a changing business landscape, Neural Technologies has designed a solution which can evolve with business needs. Our Mediation product offers scalable implementation through the Optimus Platform, allowing it to adapt as your enterprise needs grow.

The Optimus platform is based on industry standard architecture. The open architecture single-digital solution is capable of supporting all of your enterprise’s online real-time and offline batch processing mediation requirements. It supports any data storage infrastructure, providing a simple, user-friendly, and rapidly adopted solution to generate value from your growing data lake.

Mediation Features

Slide All data formats, data flows,
business logic, feature capabilities, interfaces and protocols are 100% configurable.
Next-generation processing capability with minimum 30% improvement compared to competitors.
Supports streaming and IoT
integration using message queues, like Kafka and MQTT.
Slide Supports all popular OS and hardware platforms. Interactive configuration application enables easy, fast, intuitive & reliable management of all customer requirements. High availability and container-enabled for cloud deployments. Slide Supports various storage systems, like traditional RDBMS and modern big data and NoSQL storage systems.
Integrates with all third-party
applications through open
Real-time operation supports HTTP REST API’s, SOAP, Diameter, TCP/IP.

Business Benefits for Customers

Cost Savings
Optimus Mediation solution requires lower total cost of ownership and reduced operational expenditure for your enterprise data needs. It reduces costs for change by up to 25% through less effort required to change your business configuration.
Enjoy rapid time to market by bringing new services to your customers in less time, using the flexible configuration capabilities to establish your business processes.
Simple integration of legacy and state-of-the-art data platforms. This highly flexible solution integrates proprietary, legacy infrastructure with innovative, modern streaming infrastructures.

Single Platform
Enjoy a single platform for all mediation use cases. It efficiently manages the ever-growing set of data formats and protocols from a single convergent platform, in batch as well as in real-time.
Easily manages with growing data volumes through use of a modern, multi-CPU, multithreaded, fully-enabled, complex processing engine. It scales nearly linear, by adding additional resources.

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