Fraud Management

Fraud prevention platform for effective enterprise risk management

Neural Technologies’ Fraud Management solution provides enterprises with a powerful fraud prevention platform to reduce revenue loss. It protects businesses from a wide range of fraud types, delivering a vital enterprise risk management solution to tackle revenue leakage through fraudulent activities.

The Optimus Fraud Management product leverages sophisticated neural network technology that analyzes and identifies fraudulent behavior in near-real-time. The highly-customizable nature of the platform, combined with adaptive fraud management approach, make it applicable to use cases across multiple industries and verticals. Use cases include focus areas in telecommunications such as PABX fraud, bypass fraud, and Simbox fraud.

Customizable fraud detection

Optimus Fraud Management provides a customizable fraud prevention solution for end-to-end fraud management. It enables operators to profile and monitor all prospective customers during on-boarding, identifying risk factors and likely fraudsters prior to providing services. Existing customers can be continuously monitored in their day-to-day activities, with the Optimus Platform identifying and highlighting suspicious or anomalous behavior in near-real-time.

The AI/ML-driven platform can also be configured to monitor internal activity, providing an important solution for internal enterprise fraud detection.

Link analysis technology provides a key component for fraud prevention, particularly in on-boarding of new customers and questions of subscription fraud or bad debt. This complex analysis identifies risk factors across linked datasets for known fraud cases, and is able to uncover emerging fraud rings by identifying shared risk factors within a network.

Data mining tools provided by Optimus Insight can enable advanced case management and investigation, providing key business intelligence on emerging or existing fraud threats. It enables enterprises to manage and monitor their enterprise risk management, allowing ad-hoc queries for transactional data as and when is required.

Fraud Management Features

Slide Multiple techniques including intelligent alarm, analysis, adaptive thresholds, case outcome analysis, anomaly detection etc.. Optimus Insight provides users with a 360-degree view of alarms and helps ensure quick and effective resolution.
Optimus offers a highly-configurable system with an advanced detection and analysis package Enabled fraud detection from application checks to transaction monitoring, and provides automated action on confirmed fraud cases through integration with external systems.

Business Benefits for Customers

Fraud management
Rapid Fraud Detection
Powerful AI/ML-driven analysis provides fraud detection in near-real-time.
Fraud management
Simple Scale-up
Rapidly deployed solutions ensure simple scale-up to meet expanding enterprise demand.
Fraud management
Wide Coverage
Manages a variety of fraud scenarios, accepting data from multiple sources including standard and proprietary formats.

Fraud management
Adaptive Solution
Covers evolving fraud patterns, leveraging behavioral models and predictive analytics to detect emerging fraud types or abnormal patterns.
Fraud management
Detailed Analysis
Calculates estimated loss, rate of loss, and savings made, providing clear visibility and transparency of revenue impacts.
Fraud management
Data Insight
Data mining functionality unlocks a more proactive fraud management response, providing a complete view of all cases under investigation.

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