The Advanced
Fraud Management Solution

Advanced fraud protection and prevention solution to reduce revenue leakage in real-time.

Powerful fraud solution for effective enterprise risk management

Leverages AI machine learning technology that analyzes and identifies fraudulent behavior in near-real-time protecting businesses from a wide range of fraud types, traditional and evolving frauds.
Comprehensive fraud coverage

Unlimited data source integration combined with machine learning identifying known and unknown fraud.

Integrated Network Signaling analysis

Maximize fraud detection speed, coverage and accuracy; reduce losses through active/passive network integration.

Fast, accurate & scalable

Multiple near real-time analysis tools including link analysis, advanced rules, profiling, AI/ML structural analysis and prediction.


Flexible setup and configurable to meet both present and future revenue protection needs.

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Uncover known and emerging frauds in real-time

End-to-end fraud risk protection and prevention solution leverages sophisticated neural network technology that analyzes and identifies fraudulent behavior in near-real-time.
Any Data Configurable

xDRs, CRM, Billing, SIP, voucher, dealers, POS, OSS, Probes, DPI, IPTV, payments, interconnect/gateways, VoLTE, bulk SMS/A2P, etc. feeding cross-source 360° analytics.

Unlimited Fraud Coverage

Across CSP operations from Dealers, POS, Usage – prepaid/postpaid/fixed/IPTV/etc., Payments/Recharging, Interconnect, IoT, Roaming, Technical, Equipment, Internal processes, etc.

Powerful Flexible Analytical Tools

Machine learning/AI, business rules, fuzzy link analysis, behavioral profiling over time, multi-dimensional aggregation, re-rating, trending, adaptive feedback, special lists, etc

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Dashboards & Reporting

Flexible through configuration giving clear and comprehensive data and analysis views, auditing, revenue saving, case activity, etc

Case Management

Comprehensive and configurable fraud analyst and investigation case management tool, with dynamic dashboards, data mining capabilities, user external action integration, data security, multi-tenant support, LEA support, etc.

Automated Treatment Workflow

Unlimited external integration with CRM, call center, SMS/email, network blocking/call tear-down, call diversion, test call generation, provisioning, etc.

Case Studies

We bring real solution to each client’s problem through a deep understanding of their requirement and need.

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