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Online & Offline Charging

Dynamic Online And Offline Convergent Charging Module. Secure, dynamic and optimized charging module for a complex, multi-level or bespoke tariff landscape.


Adaptive And Secure Component For Complex Pricing Models And Dynamic Tariff Landscape

Designed for dynamic pricing model enables flexible solutions for unlimited tariff plans, time models, buckets, rewards/discounting scenarios, geo-zoning, multi-currency and other key tariff structures.

Platform is secure, and easily configured to ensure tariff structures remain secure.

ICON_RAPID > Data Quality Assurance

Quality assurance techniques to ensure that the ingested data is accurate and results in proper rating/pricing.

ICON_OPTIMIZED > Optimized For Complex Tariffs

Optimised for complex tariff structures. Providing configurable parameter to configure any charging scenario for any usage records from voice, data to IoT, or other usage events.

ICON_REVENUE > Built-In Revenue Assurance

Integrates with Revenue Assurance for reconciliation validation.

ICON_API > Open API Support

Simple connection to third-party platforms and business applications using a wide range of API support via open-source API.

ICON_HIGHLY FLEXIBLE > Flexible Dashboard

User-friendly web dashboard allows admins to make changes at a glance, and easily review configuration status.


Scalable And User-Friendly Growth Charging In More Complex Or Multi-Tiered Tariff Structures

Powerful rating module configurable to meet modern charging needs, future-proof, inbuilt integration capability embracing industry standards. Supports any sized CSP needs with enterprise level availability and performance.
> Dynamic Pricing

Flexible pricing and multi-level tariffed structure based on the operators’ usage profiles and tariff complexity. On-the-fly updates – no downtime.

> Tariff Development And Planning

Web configuration, simulation and step-by-step breakdown, comprehensive monitoring web tools.

> Cloud Native Charging

High availability, scalable and container-enabled for cloud deployments. On-the-fly upgrades – no downtime.

> Integration

Seamless Billing Integration via freely definable Billing and Revenue Groups.

> 5G / IoT / Smart Metering Rating

Supports 5G, IoT and emerging digital platforms.

> Rating Reconciliation

Comparing charged data record transactions and identifying discrepancies.

> Diameter IMS Charging

Online Charging System (OCS) for Diameter.

> Pricing Support

Real-time rating supporting gross/net pricing as well as wholesale or retail.

> Balance Management

Support multiple accounts, rewards, allowances.



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