USSD Gateway

Highly interactive and customizable capabilities to unlock new revenue streams.

Unlock new revenue from interactive services, customer self-care, mobile-banking to infotainment

Cost effective, scalable and highly customizable to suit emerging business needs.
Highly Interactive

Bi-directional and high-speed communications to run between applications and mobile phones.

Cost Effective and customizable

Our flexible and sophisticated Signaling stack requires no specialized hardware and has a low system footprint.

Lower-Costs (1)
Easy to use

Menu-based upon service trigger, providing quick and easy navigation.

Independent of Internet Connection

Allows free of roaming and data charges.

USSD-Gateway (5)

Secure and Accessible anywhere, anytime on any mobile phone

Free for your customers to use, and cost-effective for businesses.
Simple-Solution (1)
Self-care services

Fast and easy to use self-care services to get information about your balance, plan, remaining traffic, etc.

Interactive Menu

Self-care services, Surveys, marketing promotions, etc.

Mobile Payment

Send and receive funds on your phone.

Information on-demand

Mobile users can access information at their own convenience.

2-Factor authenticator

2FA Provides an extra layer for security.

Location-based query

Capability to enable mobile tracking and obtaining location information in real-time.

Roaming call-back trigger

Enable prepaid roaming.

Intergrates-with (2)
IoT Devices Communications

Capability for bi-directional communication with IoT devices.

Case Studies

We bring real solution to each client’s problem through a deep understanding of their requirement and need.

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