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API application Integration

Configurable API connectors to enable seamless integration to share data and interact platforms to enhance business solutions and enable rapid time-to-market revenue opportunities.

Connect Your Business Applications And Streamline Your Business Processes

Seamless application integration across the enterprise for data sharing and process automation.
ICON_FAST > Automation

Automate processes between disparate endpoints and systems.


Reduce the stages of development significantly with APIs.

opportunity Streams

Easily be customized to fit any business model or enterprise needs.

ICON_OPTIMIZED > Unified Data For Intelligence Analytics

Integrate and connects data from multiple sources and transform them into critical business insights.


Simplify Integration Process, Improve Data Quality

Configure business system connectivity and data flow you need between any locations through API application integration with advanced data transformation support.
> API Application Support

Integrate APIs providing support for HTTP(S), RESTful, SOAP, TCP/IP, UDP; acting as API client and server.

> Cloud Support

High availability, scalable and container-enabled for cloud deployments.

> Connector By Configuration

Vendor independent to formats/external systems through configuration of integration.

> Low Code / No Code Configuration

Any business logic can be created by low/no-code configurations.

> Message Queue And Data Store Integration

Integrate both to and from Kafka (Avro), MQSeries, RabbitMQ, MQTT for IoT. Bridge between different Message Queue protocols, to APIs, to RDBMS/noSQL/Big Data.

> Data Replication, Transformation And Virtualization

Interconnect data paths from multiple APIs at the same time and providing the same or transformed data to other APIs simultaneously.

> API Management

Visual process flow graphical configuration with version control, centralized library to reuse common data processing, business logic and formats.

> Extensive Analytics And Reporting

Web visualization for API KPI monitoring and audit logging.



We deliver tailored solutions by deeply understanding each client's unique needs and requirements.