Revenue Assurance

Reduce revenue leakage with a powerful revenue assurance platform

Revenue assurance is a critical part of enterprise financial management, ensuring businesses have clear oversight to avoid potential revenue leakage. The Optimus Revenue Assurance product is designed to empower enterprises with data-driven understanding of their revenue pathways.

Using advanced machine learning technologies and analytics, Optimus Revenue Assurance ensures accurate charging, billing, and accounting of all revenue generating events from both customers and partners. It incorporates all standard processes for revenue assurance in order to mitigate revenue leakage and quickly identify and alert businesses the root cause of any such vulnerabilities.

Flexible financial management and oversight

The Optimus Platform provides a highly-configurable and scalable data management solution, capable of handling any kind of data extraction, processing, and quality checks. This adaptive and highly responsive design is critical for effective revenue assurance analytics.

Inclusion of the Optimus rating functionality allows for effective rating and re-rating that further enhances your revenue assurance activities. It is able to support complex rating scenarios for industries such as telecoms, utilities, and others.

The Revenue Assurance solution includes standard packages for key processes such as individual source trends, multi-source reconciliations, profile and service assurance, balance movement checks, invoice reconciliation, configuration assistance, and billing assurance. Insight case management and data mining tools also support users in exploring data in detail, providing a powerful investigative tool to rapidly analyze and identify any incidents.

Revenue Assurance Features

Slide Re-rating for rating and charging accuracy. Data quality audit and reporting for completeness, accuracy, and timely receipt of data from all nodes. Trend analysis for single source analysis.
Slide Detailed usage reconciliation (DUR) for CDR matching. Summary usage reconciliation (SUR) for multi-source reconciliations. Profile and services reconciliation (PSR) for profile configuration consistency across platforms. Slide Detailed usage reconciliation (DUR) for CDR matching. Balance movement reconciliation (BMR) to ensure integrity of charging, recharge, and adjustments. Reports and dashboard foranalytical insights.

Business Benefits for Customers

Revenue Assurance
Reduce Revenue Leakage
Optimus Revenue Assurance helps enterprises quickly identify potential revenue leakage incidents as they occur, reducing potential revenue loss.
Revenue Assurance
Automated Solution
Automated and continuous monitoring processes quickly identify threats, providing expedited pathway to revenue recovery.
Revenue Assurance
Proof Positive
Delivers a ‘proof positive’ revenue protection solution that demonstrates active protection of revenue streams, complemented by customized dashboard and reporting in Optimus Insight.

Priority Pathways
Prioritizes potential leakage pathways, better engaging existing resource assurance resources, and improving efficiency across the revenue protection function.
Optimus Revenue Assurance quickly delivers return on investment thanks to revenue savings generated by comprehensive revenue protection.

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