Orchestration tools for comprehensive data insight

Neural Technologies’ Data Orchestration product helps effectively integrate your data collection and data understanding operations. It provides orchestration tools that enable diverse business systems to integrate into a collective data workflow, incorporating disparate functionalities such as subscriptions, charging, billings, provisioning services, notification etc… into one integrated system.

The advanced orchestration platform integrates requests from multiple sources, triggered by end customers through touchpoints and channels such as mobile apps, webpages, SMS, USSD, or other such systems. Optimus Orchestration provides an efficient, effective platform to orchestrate these diverse business logic links to a single platform to create a fully automated end-to-end processing environment.

Customizable orchestration solution

The Optimus Orchestration solution enables enterprises to easily create and manage a myriad of critical business processes by defining the rules and the desired sequence. It can be configured to identify types of request, which systems to interact with, charging and/or triggering of provisioning calls and more. With defined business logic, APIs can be exposed to any system, allowing them to ride on the defined workflow rather than duplicating a similar set of business logic, simplifying processes and significantly accelerating time-to-market.

Integration with Optimus Digital Transformation solutions means simple changes to end-to-end business logic or marketing requirements can be made without impacting interconnected systems. That means a flexible approach to orchestrated data that allows your enterprise to respond to changing business needs.

Orchestration Features

Slide Transforming and correlation/aggregation of the consumed IoT messages, based on use-case related requirements. Any business logic can be created by low/no-code configurations and hosted within the Optimus Platform. Wide range of readily-available connectors to support the integration to external systems.
Slide Capability to enable API traffic flow control, security and load balancing. The intuitive workflow configurations and user interface defines and maintains business logic effectively. Enables omnichannel content strategy that organization’s use to improve user experience.

Business Benefits for Customers

Consolidates the entire service order’s business logic to ensure consistency in processes and subsequent workflows.
Rapid Deployment
Simple integration with APIs for different configured workflows/business logic, ensuring rapid adoption and time-to-market.
Supports any number of external touchpoints with northbound and southbound integrations.

Configurable Business Logic
Highly-configurable and programmable business logic through the Optimus Platform to cater for countless workflow possibilities.
Includes an extensive set of reporting, monitoring, and audit logging tools.
Retailers have enhanced availability, higher sales and traffic, cohesively bringing together digital touchpoints.

Enhanced Customer Experience
Integrated omnichannel approach greatly improves customer experience, as well as providing more channels for customer purchasing pathways. These include smartphones, internet, or brick and mortar institutions, all orchestrated through a single data platform.

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