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Orchestration tools for comprehensive data insight to uplift business operations. Orchestrate from multiple sources and multiple touchpoints to a single platform to create a fully automated end-to-end processing environment implementing your business logic.


Simplify Workflow And Accelerate Time-To-Market

Integrate and coordinate requests from multiple sources and touchpoints to a single platform to create a fully automated and adaptable end-to-end processing environment.
ICON_REAL TIME > Rapid Deployment

Simple integration with APIs for different configured workflows/business logic, ensuring rapid adoption and time-to-market.


Cohesively bring together digital touchpoints to enhance customer experience and deliver cost savings.

Business Logic

Highly-configurable and no code/low code business logic through the integrated configuration environment to cater for countless workflow possibilities.

ICON_Fast, Accurate Scalable > Extensive Analytics
And Reporting

Includes an extensive set of reporting, monitoring, and audit logging web tools.

ICON_Integrated Network Signaling Analysis > Scalable And Robust

Supports any number of external touchpoints with northbound and southbound integrations.


Consolidate business logic to ensure consistency in processes and subsequent workflows.

ICON_Extensive Analytical Framework > De-Silo Data

Deliver data-driven business decision making based on comprehensive data source integration tools.


Orchestrate Your Data Work-Flow Into One Integrated System

Enables enterprises to easily create and manage a myriad of critical business processes by defining the rules and the desired sequence. It can be configured to identify types of request, which systems to interact with, charging and/or triggering of provisioning calls and more.
> Configurable Business Logic

Intuitive workflow configurations and user interface defines and maintains business logic effectively.

> MQ / IoT / Bigdata Orchestration

In-built integration for Message Queues (Kafka, RabbitMQ), IoT (MQTT) and Big Data support (Hadoop/Parquet, Casandra, Kudu, HBase, HDFS, MongoDB, etc.).

> API Application Support

Orchestrate with APIs providing security and load balancing. Support for HTTP(S), RESTful, SOAP, TCP/IP, UDP.

> Network Orchestration

Enable self-cure processes to be configured and automated.

> Low Code / No Code Configuration

Any business logic can be created by low/no-code configurations.

> Payment Orchestration

Provide customer payment processes, self-payment, monitoring and support payment.

> Connector By Configuration

Vendor independent to formats/external systems through configuration of integration.

> BSS/OSS Service Orchestration

Provides generic orchestration spanning across BSS and OSS systems.

> Workflow Orchestration

Consolidates the entire service order’s business logic to ensure consistency in processes and subsequent workflows.

> Campaign Management

End to end intelligence to power cross-sell and up-sell.

> Data Migration

Enable automated customer migration when upgrading/changing to new platforms.



We deliver tailored solutions by deeply understanding each client's unique needs and requirements.