Orchestration tools for comprehensive data insight to uplift business operations

Orchestrate from multiple sources and multiple touchpoints to a single platform to create a fully automated end-to-end processing environment implementing your business logic.

Simplify workflow and accelerate time-to-market

Integrate and coordinate requests from multiple sources and touchpoints to a single platform to create a fully automated and adaptable end-to-end processing environment.
Rapid Deployment

Simple integration with APIs for different configured workflows/business logic, ensuring rapid adoption and time-to-market.


Cohesively bring together digital touchpoints to enhance customer experience and deliver cost savings.

Configurable Business Logic

Highly-configurable and no code/low code business logic through the integrated configuration environment to cater for countless workflow possibilities.

Extensive Analytics and reporting

Includes an extensive set of reporting, monitoring, and audit logging web tools.

Scalable and Robust

Supports any number of external touchpoints with northbound and southbound integrations.


Consolidate business logic to ensure consistency in processes and subsequent workflows.

De-Silo Data

Deliver data-driven business decision making based on comprehensive data source integration tools.

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Orchestrate your data work-flow into one integrated system

Enables enterprises to easily create and manage a myriad of critical business processes by defining the rules and the desired sequence. It can be configured to identify types of request, which systems to interact with, charging and/or triggering of provisioning calls and more.
Configurable Business logic

Intuitive workflow configurations and user interface defines and maintains business logic effectively.

MQ / IoT / Bigdata orchestration

In-built integration for Message Queues (Kafka, RabbitMQ), IoT (MQTT) and Big Data support (Hadoop/Parquet, Casandra, Kudu, HBase, HDFS, MongoDB, etc.).

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API Application Support

Orchestrate with APIs providing security and load balancing. Support for HTTP(S), RESTful, SOAP, TCP/IP, UDP.

Network orchestration

Enable self-cure processes to be configured and automated.

Low code / no code configuration

Any business logic can be created by low/no-code configurations.

Payment orchestration

Provide customer payment processes, self-payment, monitoring and support payment.

Connector by configuration

Vendor independent to formats/external systems through configuration of integration.

BSS/OSS service orchestration

Provides generic orchestration spanning across BSS and OSS systems.

Workflow orchestration

Consolidates the entire service order’s business logic to ensure consistency in processes and subsequent workflows.

Campaign management

End to end intelligence to power cross-sell and up-sell.

Data migration

Enable automated customer migration when upgrading/changing to new platforms.

Case Studies

We bring real solution to each client’s problem through a deep understanding of their requirement and need.

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