Scam Call Active
Monitoring and Blocking

Real-time, data-driven call decision and automated active blocking of high risk, highly suspicious scam calls before they reach your customers.

Real-Time and active call blocking and alerting

Analytics-based detection with network-embedded call blocking and CLI modification providing control over call disposition.
Extensive Analytical Framework

A combination multi-layered analytical model.

Real-time decisioning

In-call setup analysis enabling real-time decisioning.

Active Blocking

Through industry compliant network-based components.

End-To-End Integration

Modular architecture supporting seamless end-to-end integration.

Highly flexible

Supports industry standard variety of interfaces and protocols to connect to network components and external platforms for call monitoring and action.

Subscriber Protection

CLI-based warning of suspect calls.

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Layered Call Analytics Approach With Machine Learning

Leverages AI machine learning technology that analyzes and identifies fraudulent behavior in near-real-time protecting your subscribers from scam calls/robocalls. Proven end-to-end AI/ML-powered network-based solution.
Real-time SCAM / Robocall protection

Ultimate safeguarding of your subscribers.

Active Network Blocking of inbound calls

Immediate prevention of scam calls.

Wangiri protection

Widen coverage of safeguarding.

Active CLI tagging as warning to subscribers

Clear alert enabling subscriber choice.

Compliance to US FCC Robocall mandate

Safeguard access to NANP.

Intergrates-with (2)
Dynamic Dashboard and Reporting

Real-time updates of scam call blocking and management.

Case Studies

We bring real solution to each client’s problem through a deep understanding of their requirement and need.

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