Complex Event

Aggregate, process, analyze massive streams of data and continuously correlating incoming events against a pattern to identify opportunities or threats in real-time.

Identifying risks and opportunities in the early stage in the complex data landscape

Enhance situation awareness and enable real-time decision making.
Event driven

Event driven processing of any event type in batch and real time.

Low latency

Capability to process massive volume of data in real-time.

High-performance event processor

Continuous event processing engine for processing high volumes of data and execution of business logic and/or data transformation.

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An integrated, end-to-end CEP solution

Flexible and easy-to-manage with intuitive graphical workflow configuration environment.
ETL and ELT data integration

Support structured, unstructured, semi-structured and raw data types.

Big Data integration

Capture, curate, analyze, search, store, transfer, and present complex data in a simple, user-friendly way.

Connector by configuration

Vendor independent to formats/external systems through configuration of integration.

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Business Intelligence and analytics

Enhanced data analytics including Machine Learning/AI with integrated storage support to Big Data, RDBMS, NoSQL.

Real-time Streaming Gateway

Online and offline large scale data streaming, collection, transformation, and distribution such as Kafka (Avro), MQSeries, RabbitMQ, MQTT for IoT, UDP.

Case Studies

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