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Diameter Integration

Diameter Integration For 4G Business Solutions. Build 4G business solutions from built-in Diameter Integration such as on-line charging, call control, etc.


Diameter Business Solution Application Toolkit

Embed Diameter protocol support into event data flow processing to empower business activities including charging.

Data integration layer that provides gateway to/from Diameter to wide range of connectivity via open API to provide connectivity that enables various network and business elements to smoothly function together.


Multi-threading techniques allow the system to make use of parallel core processing.

ICON_Diameter Protocol Support > Diameter Protocol Support

RFC 3588 Base Protocol, RFC 4006 Credit Control Protocol, RFC 6733 Sy Protocol.


Provision of business-critical charging platform based on IP Multimedia Subsystem.


High Performance Diameter Protocol Integration

Support for Diameter based applications including charging.
> Diameter Event Integration

Integrate Diameter-based events KPI’s into any storage system, from traditional RDBMS’s to big data and NoSQL databases, or feed into onward messaging such as Kafka, RabbitMQ, MQTT.

> ML/AI Analytics

Diameter events and derived aggregation performance indicators can be stored in various supported storage systems (RDBMS, Big Data, NoSQL) and analyzed using big data analytics tools.

> State Support

Inbuilt Diameter protocol state handling.

> Online And Offline Charging Integration

Able to integrate with charging module to provide flexible, dynamic tariff structures that are rapidly implemented and easily scalable.

> High Performance Throughput

Process 250k+ events per second (billions per day) with integrated rating module.

> Business Intelligence And Analytics

Execute business intelligence and analytics through Diameter event KPI processing to gain behavioral information, track trends and detect anomalies.



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