IoT integration for a connected landscape

Integrate, orchestrate or even create end-to-end IoT business solutions that incorporate the full value chain of connected data, from data generation and IoT gateway right through to IoT analytics.

An end-to-end IoT Business solution

Seamlessly integrates business applications, legacy data, and real-time data streaming to provide user friendly IoT solutions to empower businesses.

Data integration layer that provides gateway to/from MQTT to wide range of connectivity via open API to provide connectivity that enables various network and business elements to smoothly function together.

Scalable, High Availability

Multi-threading techniques allow the system to make use of parallel core processing.

Real-time Streaming

Real-time IoT MQTT, UDP message handling with onward streaming support to Kafka, RabbitMQ, TCP/IP platform for constant processing of IoT message data.

Big Data and ML/AI Analytics

Enhanced data analytics including Machine Learning/AI with integrated storage support to Big Data, RDBMS, NoSQL.

IoT Integration

High performance IoT integration solution

Capture, curate, analyze, search, store, transfer, and present IoT data in a simple, user-friendly way.
IoT data ingestion

Ingest individual IoT messages and calculated KPI’s into any storage system, from traditional RDBMS’s to big data and NoSQL databases.

Real-time Streaming Gateway

Deliver real-time business solutions for IoT using transaction-safe message handling.

Data Transformation and correlation

Aggregation of the consumed IoT messages, based on use-case related requirements.

Online and Offline Charging Integration

Able to integrate with charging solution to provide flexible, dynamic tariff structures that are rapidly implemented and easily scalable.

IoT data processing

Process 250k+ messages per second (billions per day).

Business Intelligence and analytics

Execute business intelligence and analytics through results of IoT message processing to gain behavioral information and detect anomalies.

Edge Application Processing

Deployable on small scale hardware, including Raspberry PI.

Big data integration

Capture, curate, analyze, search, store, transfer, and present complex data in a simple, user-friendly way.

Case Studies

We bring real solution to each client’s problem through a deep understanding of their requirement and need.

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