Signaling Network
SS7 Stack

High-availability, manageability and performance levels for Telco-grade deployments. Protocol stack offering all standards-based layers.

Unlock new revenue opportunities with rapid time-to-market deployment

Simple to integrate, able to run on virtual machine and cloud environment.
Cloud Enabled

Capability to run on virtual machine or cloud environment.

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High Performance

High speed connection setup and data transfer (without loss or duplication.

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Wide applications

Manage a range of protocol procedures.

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Rapid Deployment

Rapidly build robust custom solutions such as call control applications, SMS and USSD gateway applications and firewall security solutions.

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Flexible signaling software for global deployment

A network that offers customers additional communication services.
Multi-layered stack

Mobile Application Part (MAP)

Signaling Connection Control Part (SCCP)

Intelligent Network Application Part (INAP)

Transaction Capabilities Application Part (TCAP)

CAMEL Application Part (CAP)

Integrated Services User Part (ISUP)

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