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Powerful ActivML AI & Machine Learning. Structural Profiling plus Unconstrained Anomaly Detection combined with Predictive Classification, all supporting a user with in-depth Explanation Analytics offering data-driven business decision making to reduce revenue loss and limit enterprise risk.


AI/ML Modeling Solution That Identifies Even New Unknown Fraud Risks Minimizing Lost Revenue

Self-learning Structured Analytical Profiling, Unconstrained Anomaly Detection to identify the “unknown”, and Structured Classification Prediction for advanced risk analytical techniques.
ICON_AUTONOMOUS > Autonomous And Adaptive Learning

A constant iterative feedback loop that delivers robust self-learning, continually optimizing the solution.

ICON_REVENUE > Automated Data Insight Generation

No need to provide known knowledge. Automatically list structural profiles found from large data together with business-orientated explanations.

ICON_DISCREPANCIES > Predictive Modeling Algorithm

Behavioral operational analytics and complete prediction modelling support to power business decision making.

ICON_DATA > In-Depth Analytics

Graphical explainable representations coupled with flexible design and GUI-based configurability.


Hybrid AI and machine learning platform provides predictive analytics for risk and fraud management in near real-time.


Fully Automated And Self-Learning With Adaptive Insight Beyond Risk And Fraud Detection

Building business assurance through multi-dimensional modeling.
> Hybrid AI Machine Learning Design

Employs both classic AI (declarative) and machine learning (non-declarative) with deep learning.

> Multiple Analysis Engines

Classification, prediction, clustering, anomaly detection, etc.

> Advanced AutoML Model Building

Performs feature engineering, data cleansing, sample selection, training/testing and model selection, decision boundary definition, continuous model monitoring and tuning.

> Behavioral Operational Analytics

With advanced feature extraction from transaction streams provides data for prediction and structural profiling.

> Rich Data Visualization Web Dashboard

Rich visual images of structural profiles. Reasons analysis for explainable AI. View production evaluation results and drill-down. Monitor and view learning metrics like data drift.

> Identification Of New Behavior

Automated analysis to recognize and describe new data patterns/change based on past experience. Atypical behavior can relate to fraud or security issues.



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