Powerful ActivML
AI & Machine Learning

Structural Profiling plus Unconstrained Anomaly Detection combined with Predictive Classification, all supporting a user with in-depth Explanation Analytics offering data-driven business decision making to reduce revenue loss and limit enterprise risk.

AI/ML modeling solution that identifies even new unknown fraud risks minimizing lost revenue

Self-learning Structured Analytical Profiling, Unconstrained Anomaly Detection to identify the “unknown”, and Structured Classification Prediction for advanced risk analytical techniques.
Next-generation (1)
Autonomous and Adaptive Learning

A constant iterative feedback loop that delivers robust self-learning, continually optimizing the solution.

Business-Analysis (1)
Automated Data Insight Generation

No need to provide known knowledge. Automatically list structural profiles found from large data together with business-orientated explanations.

Predictive modeling algorithm

Behavioral operational analytics and complete prediction modelling support to power business decision making.

In-depth analytics

Graphical explainable representations coupled with flexible design and GUI-based configurability.


Hybrid AI and machine learning platform provides predictive analytics for risk and fraud management in near real-time.

Machine-Learning-2 (1)-min

Fully automated and self-learning with adaptive insight beyond risk and fraud detection

Building business assurance through multi-dimensional modeling.
Hybrid AI machine learning design

Employs both classic AI (declarative) and machine learning (non-declarative) with deep learning.

Multiple analysis engines

Classification, prediction, clustering, anomaly detection, etc.

Advanced AutoML model building

Performs feature engineering, data cleansing, sample selection, training/testing and model selection, decision boundary definition, continuous model monitoring and tuning.

Intergrates-with (2)
Behavioral operational analytics

With advanced feature extraction from transaction streams provides data for prediction and structural profiling.

Rich data visualization web dashboard

Rich visual images of structural profiles. Reasons analysis for explainable AI. View production evaluation results and drill-down. Monitor and view learning metrics like data drift.

Identification of new behavior

Automated analysis to recognize and describe new data patterns/change based on past experience. Atypical behavior can relate to fraud or security issues.

Case Studies

We bring real solution to each client’s problem through a deep understanding of their requirement and need.

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