Powerful real-time
Location-based services

Real-time geodata providing information, entertainment and security.

Track and Deliver content at the right time, at the right place

Enhance the entire customer journey across all touchpoints and boost security.
Intergrates-with (2)
Precise Delivery and Real-time reporting

Highly optimized for accuracy with instant reporting.

Cost Effective

Our flexible and sophisticated Signaling stack requires no specialized hardware and has a low system footprint.

Next-generation (1)
API Flexible

API Interfaces enabling easy integration.

Scalable and customizable

Flexible Signaling platform offering wide range of solutions.

Powerful Real-Time Location-Based Services

The power of Location-based services

Always on and connected at the tight place and at the right time.
handshake (1)
Welcome Message

Sending Welcome SMS messages for both Inbound and Outbound Roamers of network usage while visiting foreign network.

Location Tracking

Capability to enable mobile tracking and obtaining location information in real-time.


Uses GPS, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), Wi-Fi, or cellular data signals to form a virtual boundary around a geographic location.

Location Query

Signaling protocol of mobility management supporting location registration and call delivery for roaming users who move beyond their home network.

Roaming Fraud Detection

Protect against roaming fraud and signaling attacks in real-time.

Case Studies

We bring real solution to each client’s problem through a deep understanding of their requirement and need.

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