Credit Risk Management
For A Changing Business Landscape

Predictive credit risk throughout customer lifecycle to control and reduce exposure to bad debt powered by advanced behavioral modelling, customer lifecycle analytics, dynamic credit limits, predictive risk scores, and other critical credit data.

Rapid risk identification and elimination

Designed to provide wide-ranging risk analysis end-to-end in cases such as bad debt prediction, usage prediction, and anomaly detection, leveraging time-series decomposition and behavioral understanding to flag key credit risks.
Creditworthiness assessment
Creditworthiness assessment

Enhanced credit risk validation from application/POS and throughout customer lifecycle with patented scorecard technology and ActivML's AI/ML predictive analytics.

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Reduce Bad Debt

With real-time multi source data control exposure to bad debt with dynamic credit limit setting, enhance subscriber experience with early warning of high spend, reduce fraud losses.

fast recovery

Enhance effectiveness of pre-emptive action as well as dunning through accelerated workflow and automation of decision-making processes with AI machine learning technology.

Enhance customer experience

Affordable credit, bill shock prevention, and service continuity through flexible balance payments.

Dynamic dashboard & reporting

Creating real-time value from your rich data set with configurable drill-down to provide multi-level information viewing.

Configurable & In-House Control

Fully customizable solution and enables your business to build and update risk models internally.

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Credit Risk Management

Risk prediction models built on machine learning technologies

The adaptive learning model, combined with customizable AI/machine learning models, business rules and credit profiling, offers an effective credit risk management solution that meets and adapts to the unique requirements of your business.
Credit Risk Prediction

Application POS real-time credit scoring for product offering with additional analytics identifying high-risk links to offenders or bad agents with notable risk profiles.

Dashboards & Reporting

Clear and comprehensive audit trail, including data received, progress on cases, and actions taken.

Dynamic Credit Profiling

Credit behavioral profiling, offering an instant view of a customer’s spending behavior, credit limits, exposures, and tolerance over time.

Treatment Workflow Automation

Automated monitoring providing analysis of change and adapts to build understanding of high-risk customer behavior over time.

Credit Limit Manager

Flexible alternative to fixed credit limits that the customer cannot exceed with alerts for breaching limits.

Bill Shock Protection

Tracking usage and measuring against spending limits.

Case Management

Comprehensive oversight and case management tool, with KPI dashboards and data mining capabilities.

Bad Debt Exposure Reduction

Control and reduce overall exposure to bad debt.

Case Studies

We bring real solution to each client’s problem through a deep understanding of their requirement and need.

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