Credit Risk Management

Credit risk management for a changing business landscape

The Optimus Credit Risk product provides a robust and scalable credit risk management solution for enterprises across a wide range of industries. It is designed to offer predictive credit risk management based on advanced behavioral modelling, analyzing customer lifecycles, credit limits, risk scores, and other critical credit data. The adaptive learning model, combined with customizable rules and thresholds, offers an effective credit risk solution that meets the unique requirements of your business.

Risk prediction models built on machine learning technologies provide wide-ranging risk analysis in cases such as bad debt prediction, usage prediction, and anomaly detection, leveraging time-series decomposition and behavioral understanding to flag key credit risks.

Rapidly identify and eliminate risk

The Optimus Credit Risk product has a demonstrable history of uncovering fraud rings by comparing suspect customers against general population demographics in order to investigate and establish insidious links. Link analysis offers a powerful solution to identify and eliminate subscription fraud and bad debt risks, identifying high-risk links to offenders or bad agents. It compares new subscribers against repeat offenders or individuals with notable risk profiles, providing a powerful solution for credit risk management.

Clear credit risk oversight is provided through a simple alert system, flagging high-risk applications and enabling clear oversight by risk management teams regardless of the position within the bill cycle. Risks can be categorized by severity to optimize workflow processes.

Neural Technologies' advanced data solutions work to provide advanced case management, investigation, business intelligence, and data mining tools, adding greater depth to your credit risk oversight. This enables users to manage each and every case effectively, as well as performing ad-hoc queries on customers and transactional data to further investigate hidden risks or unusual activity.

Credit Risk Management Features

Slide Early warning via automated credit exposure monitoring and delinquency prediction, using comprehensive risk attributes from structured and unstructured data. Customizable end-to-end solution which combines rules, statistical models, and machine learning. Leverages credit behavioral profiling, offering an instant view of a customer’s spending behavior, credit limits, exposures, and tolerance over time. Early detection alarms for potential exposure risks, combined with configurable mitigation strategy.
Slide Maximizes customer relationships as their credit behavior changes throughout the customer lifecycle. Machine learning capabilities strengthen the credit risk framework and cross-sell existing relationships more effectively. Optimus Insight offers a versatile case management tool, with KPI dashboards and data mining capabilities, for quick and effective resolution.

Business Benefits for Customers

Credit Risk Management
Customer-centric Risk Management
Proactively monitor risk with personalized engagement, using customers’ preferred channels, delivering higher success rate for resolution.
Credit Risk Management
Proactive Management
Monitor any data element in enterprise systems such as usage, payment activity, call destination, payment type etc… to allow for comprehensive oversight. Automated monitoring provides analysis of change, and adapts to build understanding of high-risk customer behavior over time.
Credit Risk Management
Fully customizable solution that provides new data, behavioral modeling, link analysis, case manager workflow, rules, neural analytical models, segmentation and special lists.
Credit Risk Management
In-house Control
Enables your business to build and update risk models internally, removing costly vendor intervention and delivering a uniquely-suited solution for your enterprise that can evolve alongside market conditions.

Credit Risk Management
Exposure Limits
Establish exposure limits for each customer, offering a flexible alternative to fixed credit limits that the customer cannot exceed. Alerts for breaching limits, facilitating immediate analysis and customer contact if necessary.
Credit Risk Management
Prepay Prediction
Simple management for prepay programs, tracking usage and measuring it against spending limits. Allows forecasting to determine appropriate spending limits for accounts with regular payment history.
Credit Risk Management
Audit Trail
Clear and comprehensive audit trail, including data received, progress on cases, and actions taken.

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