OTT Opportunity or Threat

Fraud and Revenue Assurance
Author: Sara Whitwell Digital Marketing Executive
Date: 5th September 2017
Categories: Technology, Data, Financial, Telecoms, Revenue Assurance, Fraud protection, RA, Optimus, Neural Technologies

A recent article from Gartner has stated that Companies are missing out on opportunities to monetise their data. This set my mind back to 2016, to when Neural Technologies conducted our Telecoms Risk Management Survey. Throughout the survey operators were asked for their opinion on countless pressing issues within the Telecom industry, but today I will just focus on the below question...

OTT Services

I have to confess I was surprised at the above results, which were released only a year ago, due to the diverse mix of answers across the globe. When analysing the results, I observed that OTT (Over The Top) was indeed an opportunity, since it was starting to take customers from the mobile network. When faced with taking out a new mobile package, I imagined customers like myself reissting a combined package deal and opting for a more data loaded offering instead. The Survey also highlighted those regions that were quick to exploit a new opportunity and those that were not so adaptable.

The Telecoms Industry itself (one of the quickest in the world for noticing new trends, opportunities and technology), however, saw that this could be turned to their advantage and exploited this huge shift. I am proud to work in such a smart industry, one that is adaptive, tenacious and consistently exhibits a higher level of endurance.

With probably more Data than any other industry, OTT provides the rich data to provide Telco’s with the ability to exploit many opportunities.

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