5 Enterprise AI Predictions for the Future

Enterprise AI/ML Predictions for the Future

Neural Technologies’ Optimus Platform leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to drive valuable revenue protection and growth opportunities for businesses. 

The advanced capabilities of the Optimus Platform provide adaptive, automated solutions that greatly enhance revenue protection, digital transformation, and customer engagement for our customers.

Neural Technologies has over 30 years delivering market-leading AI/ML solutions. But what does the future hold for enterprises, and what further opportunities might AI usher in over the next decade? Let’s explore artificial intelligence future predictions for 2021 and beyond.

1- Faster, Better Decisions with AI

AI is a pathway to faster, better business decisions. In its AI Predictions 2021 report, analysts PWC highlight “The fastest way to get ROI on AI is to use its advanced automation capabilities to improve efficiency and productivity.” That opportunity will accelerate in future as more advanced functionalities and systems combine with rapid growth in digital transformation. 

The adoption of automated capabilities will unlock faster, more efficient decision making for enterprises, as AI becomes an increasingly important differentiating factor between business success. At Neural Technologies we’ve long seen the importance of AI as a strategic partner in decision making, and will continue to leverage those benefits for customers moving forward.

2- AI Investment Will Significantly Accelerate

According to the 2020 Big Data and AI Survey by New Vantage, while 91.5% of Fortune 1000 firms are undertaking ongoing investment in AI, just 14.6% reported widespread deployment of AI capabilities.

AI for business has now hit an inflection point, with growth projections for the coming years prefacing a remarkable expansion of this technology adoption. KPMG predicts that the combined investment in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotic process automation will grow from just USD27.4bil in 2020 to US231.9bil by 2025. 

3- AI Will Transform Unstructured Data Opportunity

Analysis by KPMG estimates that 80% of the world’s data is unstructured, creating a remarkable burden for enterprises seeking to leverage data to inform business decisions.

With the rapid expansion of machine-generated data, amplified by growing adoption of internet of things (IoT) technologies, enterprises are increasingly in need of solutions that can quickly and cost-effectively access, analyze, and act upon unstructured data. This can create notable challenges in identifying valuable data amongst massive piles of unstructured data.

2021 and beyond will see AI and ML solutions increasingly used to access the value of this growing machine-driven data lake. Neural Technologies advanced AI/ML solutions are already operating for customers to drive unstructured data insight, including leveraging our advanced solution to provide rapid data retrieval and extraction from log stores often used to store unstructured data. 

4- Tech Talent Will Think Differently

There’s been a recognized focus on upskilling existing workforces for evolving AI and ML opportunities. PWC’s 2021 AI Predictions makes clear that AI will deliver a net job growth, but in areas and functionalities unlike legacy job roles.

One of the most fundamental transformations which advanced AI and ML technologies will usher in is a need to think differently. AI solutions are adaptive, and designed to evolve and learn. That requires a mindset designed to deliver solutions which learn and grow, leveraging probabilities rather than simple binary choices or certainties. AI and technical talent will increasingly be focused on learning, testing, experimenting, and exploring new opportunities.

5- Managing Risk Will Continue to Drive Opportunity

Managing risk, fraud, and cybersecurity threats is the number one future AI and analytics priority identified by companies in the PWC 2021 AI Predictions report. These fraud management and revenue assurance functionalities provide a tried-and-tested route to ROI, reducing revenue leakage, tackling enterprise risk, and securing enterprises against threats.

At Neural Technologies we’ve worked with customers around the world to deliver returns through risk management and enhanced fraud detection. AI and ML solutions provide a pathway to rapidly identify risk in our high-volume data landscape, providing substantial benefits to customers. The demonstrable ROI and scalable profile of these solutions makes it clear why it will remain a priority for enterprises moving forward.

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