5 Fascinating Ted Talks on Machine Learning and AI Technology

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology are remarkable areas of technological evolution. These powerful technologies can radically transform our world, delivering huge benefits to business and society.

As pioneering machine learning experts, Neural Technologies has witnessed and nurtured the evolution of this sophisticated solution for businesses across the world. The combined power of AI and ML could yet transform that opportunity further, driving truly systemic transformation that could help build a fairer, more transparent and efficient world.  

So what is artificial intelligence and machine learning, what is the future of AI technology, how does machine learning fit in, and what could it truly deliver? Here are five fascinating Ted Talks on AI and ML to get you up to speed.

Discussions around artificial intelligence (AI) can sometimes be overwhelming for business decision makers. The reality is that AI offers an accessible opportunity that could deliver truly transformative results for businesses today. In this powerful talk, Philipp Gerbert, Director of applied AI at Munich-based technology incubator UnternehmerTUM, shines a light on the potential of AI for businesses. 

Big data is transforming the way we live and work. In this seminal talk from 2014, Kenneth Cukier, Data Editor at the Economist, talks about the remarkable potential big data will unlock, and how with a focus on gathering and understanding the right information, it can help us transition to more fulfilling lives and a more rewarding world of work.

Artificial intelligence offers increasingly powerful automated tools and technologies to drive business efficiency. But unlocking the greatest possible value from these solutions still requires humans and AI to work together. While data might create a path to opportunity, it requires human insight to define how the value of that journey is realised. Sylvain Duranton of Boston Consulting Group explores the importance of AI and human intelligence in partnership.

Artificial intelligence technologies are designed by people. That means the foundation on which they operate is defined by the goals, ambitions, and indeed both conscious and unconscious biases of their developers. Understanding and developing ways to tackle these biases is essential in order to provide fair and effective solutions. In this talk by filmmaker, social entrepreneur, and businesswoman Robin Hauser, she discusses the importance of recognizing and tackling biases and avoiding skewed data that could prejudice automated decisions and undermine deep learning networks. 

There are many types of intelligence, and our definition of artificial intelligence continues to evolve. In this fascinating talk, editor and author Kevin Kelly argues that our technological advancements should not be defined by a static point of view, but an understanding of a journey towards ongoing improvement. We are at the starting point of this AI journey, and the evolution of this remarkable technology will drive a second industrial revolution that transforms our world. 

Bonus Round

Deep learning, neural networks, and the future of AI is a fascinating deep-dive into this area from Yan LeCun, Chief AI Scientist at Facebook, in conversation with Head of TED Chris Anderson. At almost an hour, it’s a lot to get your head around, but it’s a remarkable vision of what the future of artificial intelligence and machine learning might hold.

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