The One Platform that supports your Digital Transformation Strategy.

Neural Technologies’ Optimus Platform helps you transform your business by delivering smarter insights, better decisions and faster actions to support your digital transformation strategy. For more than 25 years, enterprises have relied on our innovative Optimus products & solutions in the areas of Revenue Management and Digital Integration. Optimus does more than just protect your business’ revenue; it gives you the capabilities to deliver new business models faster, enhance your customer loyalty and improve your operational efficiency.


With Optimus Platform, enterprises can Ingest, Interpret and Act on all their digitised data, to Present significant insights and facilitate informed business decisions. Whether it be Fraud Management, Revenue Assurance or Order Orchestration, all of our products & solutions are powered by the Optimus Platform – agnostic and unique in its ability to connect enterprises to all of its digitised data. Our open source scripting language delivers high flexibility and allows any user to develop new solutions with ease and confidence.

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One Platform, Many Products, Countless Solutions

Optimus is a solid and open framework platform with the possibility of limitless application use. From data integration workflows and complex business logic to revenue protection solutions, Rating and API gateways, Optimus can fulfil your business requirements with virtually no limitations.

This is a proven platform with maximum flexibility that combines complete configurability with its technology to rapidly deploy and modify complete solutions.

Complete Configurability

Optimus comes with both the intuitive configurations and development environment needed to provide a complete solution. This is not limited to controlling some parts of business logic, data and interfaces. Optimus goes further by supporting all business logic, structured data formats, functionalities and interfaces. The integrated tool, Optimus Interactive, will allow you to fully simulate and debug your configurations or workflows in order to create solutions efficiently and effectively.




To provide maximum flexibility to developers building solutions for Optimus, we designed and developed openBSL. openBSL is an agnostic language for our platform that has been built by our engineers to give Optimus full control over all performance critical parameters such as threading and memory as well as deep impacting functionality including string handling for example. In other words, it has the benefit of being dedicated and specialised for the purpose of handling any form of data integration solutions.

openBSL is easy to learn for those who understand basic programming concepts, object orientation and events.

Your gateway to Big Data and IoT

Optimus works with popular SQL and NoSql Databases out-of-the-box. Achieve instant value from your enterprise data by integrating all sources, data and data stores through one coherent platform solution.

Optimus is a gateway for your IoT needs through its built-in integration capabilities and adaptability.


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