Neural Technologies has a long history of working with partners to deliver business intelligence software for customers around the world.

Technology partners

Tangent Works
Leveraging the power of AI-enabled predictive forecasting in partnership.
Confluent IO
Integrated data streaming solutions for real-time business insight.
Unlocking the benefits of low-latency key-value stores for customers.
Imply delivers powerful real-time analytics for the modern enterprise landscape

Business Partners

Provides advance integrated solutions offering full spectrum of custom software services.
Delivering convergent mediation solutions to power up customer opportunities.

Become a Partner Today

Neural Technologies is always on the lookout for resellers and system integrators for its product offerings. Our partner program provides a robust onboarding path across technical, client engagement, and marketing resources.
If you are interested in strengthening your product portfolio, or have specific opportunities that may align with our business, please contact us.

Neural Technologies’ Optimus Platform empowers organizations to fast-track their digital transformation strategies. It provides a customizable and scalable platform that delivers accelerated time-to-market and unlocks enhanced revenue opportunities for new services and technologies.

Explore our Digital Transformation, Revenue Protection, and Customer Engagement products, or Contact Neural Technologies to find out more.