Aerospike is the next-generation NoSQL data platform providing low-latency key-value stores in partnership with Neural Technologies

Neural Technologies works with Aerospike to leverage the power of its next-generation NoSQL capabilities, providing low-latency key-value stores for customers.

Aerospike’s key-value stores provide a powerful opportunity in managing subscriber balances and operational profiles, in areas where low-latency access is of significant enterprise value. Aerospike works with Neural Technologies to enhance its product capabilities, implementing low-latency key-value stores for customers where needed.

Aerospike’s patented Hybrid Memory Architecture enables us to improve the speed of integration, providing enhanced access to databases in near-real-time.

Neural Technologies leverages Aerospike's key-value solutions to enable multiple use cases for its customers, targeted at low-latency delivery that enables efficient operations in an evolving operational landscape with rapidly growing data volumes.