Customer Engagement

Connecting enhanced customer satisfaction and engagement through data-driven customer insights

Customer insight is crucial to true customer satisfaction. It’s a vital step to creating emotional engagement that builds brand loyalty in a competitive landscape of high customer expectations and extreme customer choice.

Neural Technologies’ Customer Engagement solutions provide data-driven customer insights for your business, delivering actionable data understanding that unlocks new revenue opportunities for enterprises. It enables business to take an omnichannel approach to marketing and customer engagement built on deep understanding of complex customer behavior. The predictive neural modelling allows businesses to adapt go-to-market strategies that deliver real business results.

Building brand loyalty with business insight

Customers expect more in the modern landscape. A 2019 study by analysts Nielsen revealed only 8% of global consumers consider themselves committed brand loyalists. The modern customer wants businesses that understand and recognize their unique demands and desires, responding to deliver personalized outreach that caters for them as individuals.

Those enterprises which work to leverage customer insights to deliver truly personalized solutions will win the battle of customer engagement in this competitive marketplace. Rather than focusing on the customer alone, customer engagement delivers value by maintaining balance between customer and the company expectations. Studies by McKinsey show that a focus on digital transformation and customer experience can generate 20-30% increase in customer satisfaction, with economic gains of 20-50%.

Flexible customer engagement

Neural Technologies’ Customer Engagement products are designed to provide highly-flexible omnichannel approaches that effectively build engagement. These market-leading solutions can be utilized to create strategic and complex marketing campaigns, streamlining the process of launching campaigns, improving marketing results, and enhancing or unlocking revenue potential. Utilization of advanced neural networks enables behavioral modeling based on robust sentiment analysis, behavioral analysis, and advanced analytics.

Optimus boosts lead conversion, builds customer loyalty, and increases sales. It integrates seamlessly with diverse data sources and legacy infrastructure, working with proven industry frameworks such as OpenAPI, Swagger, TMF, and others.

Customer engagement is key to an effective business strategy. When customers enjoy the process of doing business with you, they are engaged to sustain that business, maintaining revenue streams for your enterprise.

Business Benefits for Customers

Customer Engagement
Robust Architecture
Architecture and data modeling based on extensive experience of data collection, enrichment, and high-volume processing.
Customer Engagement
Highly-configurable products that can be adapted to your unique business and customer needs.
Customer Engagement
Simple Solution
Simple, convenient solution that requires minimal monitoring and human intervention.
Customer Engagement
Data Insight
Centralized data insight through the Optimus Data Portal, providing data convergence for clear business intelligence.

Customer Engagement
Common Standards
Common standards and interfaces enable simple integration with existing and propriety legacy systems both internal and external.
Customer Engagement
One-Stop Access
One-stop-access for all internal teams, providing a consistent and centralized source of data.
Customer Engagement
Simple modular design makes a scalable solution for growing business needs.
Customer Engagement
Accelerated Time-to-Market
Rapidly design and deliver new products or services with accelerated time-to-market.

Cost Savings
Simple integration without the need for expensive hardware, resulting in reduced CAPEX. Simple subscription system and automated application reduces OPEX and total cost of ownership.
Customer Engagement
Supports multiple touchpoints for a truly omnichannel approach to customer engagement.
Enhanced Customer Experience
Behavioral analytics provide customer insight and Know Your Customer (KYC) solutions that contribute to real improvements in customer experience.
Customer Engagement
Analytics Insight
Discover new patterns and relationships via visual analytics, enabling informed interventions that boost revenue opportunities.

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