Customer Analytics

Customer analytics building insight through a responsive customer data platform

Neural Technologies’ Customer Analytics solutions unlock valuable customer insight for enterprises. This responsive customer data platform utilizes advanced machine learning techniques to provide detailed business intelligence on the actions and behaviors of customers.

Optimus Customer Analytics provides enterprises with comprehensive customer segmentation and identification approaches, enabling complex event processing in real-time and near-real-time. This detailed data understanding enables enterprises to engage customers with marketing, alongside new products and services, unlocking potential new revenue opportunities for businesses. Predictive customer modeling can identify potential customer pain points, reducing churn and protecting enterprise revenue.

Targeted customer insight

Predictive analytics provide both segmented and individualized customer insight, offering a unique view into the actions and behaviors of customers.

The Optimus Campaign Management tool enables enterprises to target subscribers via personalized campaigns using enriched CRM data of individual customers, as well as enabling wider market segmentation analysis to improve target accuracy. It leverages insight from target, control, and random groupings to optimize market segmentation and campaign targeting.

CRM Data can be enriched through individual subscriber profiles, integrating with social media data insights to allow for rich customer understanding. Relevant offers can be targeted based on actionable lifecycle moments such as time of top-up, prepaid credits, physical access of retail environments, and a wide range of other triggers. The Optimus Customer Analytics solution provides access to valuable customer insight in both real-time physical and digital settings.

Customer Analytics Features

Slide Event data lake support through any chosen storage systems by data ingestion from, as well as data retrieval to, any OSS/BSS support systems. Customer understanding built on behavior insights, basic campaign mechanics, and subscriber interaction rules.
Interfacing with standard message queues, like Kafka, RabbitMQ, MQTT
Slide Compare target and random group for better segmentation. Further optimize segmentation with YES [Inner Loop] or NO: Re-launch the campaign with changed campaign mechanics.

Business Benefits for Customers

Customer Analytics
Comprehensive Customer Insight
Unlock data-driven decision making driven by real customer understanding.
Customer Analytics
Descriptive Analytics
Understand and assess business performance on one simple, user-friendly platform.
Customer Analytics
Predictive Analytics
Build detailed customer understanding that can inform expected customer behavior.
Customer Analytics
Prescriptive Analytics
Inform business interventions to reduce customer churn and promote positive customer experience.
Customer Analytics
Unsupervised Learning
Unsupervised learning is used to draw inferences from datasets consisting of input data without labeled responses.
Customer Analytics
Supervised Learning
Supervised learning benefiting from the machine learning task of inferring a function from labeled training data.
Customer Analytics
Reinforcement Learning
Reinforcement learning allows the platform to learn to undertake actions in an environment so as to maximize cumulative reward.
Customer Analytics
Machine Learning
Leveraging Neural Technologies’ extensive machine learning experience to provide an adaptive and responsive approach to customer analytics.

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