Data Integration

Real-time and automated data management lifecycle with high standard of data integrity to maximize your digital transformation processes.
Data integration offers a pathway to unlock new revenue streams while enhancing efficiency and boosting business opportunities. Unlocking the greatest possible value of data integration will require companies to adopt smart, adaptive solutions that leverage the fundamental value of data at the heart of a modern enterprise.

Neural Technologies’ portfolio of data integration solutions help enterprises unlock the value of data to create more efficient, effective, and informed businesses. Our artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies provide an accessible route to data integration that benefits from over three decades of market-leading experience.
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5G ready Data Integration solutions to serve your business needs

Highly Customizable and Scalable Data Integration For Your Business

Neural Technologies’ suite of Data Integration solutions provide real-time streaming integration leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies enables the platform to handle extreme volumes at scale, offering high throughput and low latency data handling. Processing, analysis, correlation, and delivery of data happen in flight, providing actionable visibility of data and unlocking its value in real-time. There is no delay between data being created, collected, processed, delivered, and viewed as with traditional extract, transform, load (ETL) systems.
Integrating Data Insight
Integrating continuous data streams ensures data moves through processing pipelines and between clustered machines both on-premises and in the cloud. Neural Technologies’ portfolio of solutions is designed to integrate with legacy and proprietary systems, eliminating loss of data due to poor system interconnectability. This modular approach also ensures it can be rapidly scaled as business data volumes grow.

Integrating Neural Technologies’ advanced analytics solution provides further detailed insight into enterprise data for operators. This user-friendly solution ensures clear business oversight to enable a data-driven business strategy based on the latest actionable information.

Business Benefits for Customers

2X Faster To Market

Rapid product adoption and services rollout thanks to flexible, scalable architecture.

Lower Costs

Lower total cost of ownership in both deployment and operation.


Customizable, user-friendly and adaptive platform means no requirement for vendor intervention to introduce new configurations.


All integrations employ standard configurations, with changes managed through a single platform that allows businesses to update to meet changing needs.


Modular design makes for a rapidly scalable solution, capable of handling billions of events.

Rapid Integration. Fast-to-market. Scalable.

Unlike out-of-the-box products, our adaptive implementation provides the flexibility to adapt to meet your business needs.