Big Data Tools for Big Data Integration

Flexible and scalable big data solution for a dynamic data landscape

Big data is the future of connected industry insight, integrating high-volume, high-velocity, and highly variable information assets into informed business strategy. The demands of this dynamic operating environment necessitate cost-effective, innovative forms of information processing.

The Optimus Big Data Integration product provides a powerful solution to capture, curate, analyze, search, store, transfer, and present complex data in a simple, user-friendly way.

As a generic data integration platform, it provides a flexible solution for big data integration that allows a wide range of interfacing mechanisms, and is designed to meet the extensive data modeling and data processing needs of the modern enterprise landscape. It enables users to manage, govern, and explore high volumes of data in real time thanks to its streaming API support and simple integration with all data formats.

Simple, scalable solution

The Optimus Big Data Integration solution is built on a modular architecture that allows fast implementation, while providing a flexible solution that can be rapidly scaled up as big data demands grow. There is no need to design and configure the overall solution as a single, high-cost and big-bang application, but instead it can easily adapt to your changing enterprise requirements.

Neural Technologies’ Big Data Integration Services can help prepare, access, and transform your existing event data into, and out of, your big data storage system. That ensures that your existing data lake is turned into an active stream of business insight. This enables faster consumption by relevant downstream business support systems.

This solution is designed to provide the big data tools that allow you to leverage the four V’s of big data. Volume for scale of data. Velocity for analysis of streaming data. Veracity for quality of data. Variety for integration of varied forms of data. It is a product uniquely designed for the needs of the modern high-volume enterprise landscape, informed by Neural Technologies’ extensive industry experience in providing effective solutions for big data applications.

Big Data Integration Features

Slide Event data lake support through any chosen storage systems by data ingestion from, as well as data retrieval to, any OSS/BSS support systems. Next-generation processing capability with minimum 30% improvement compared to competitors.
Interfacing with standard message queues, like Kafka, RabbitMQ, MQTT
Slide Interactive configuration application enables easy, fast, intuitive & reliable management of all customer
All data formats, data flows, business logic, features capabilities, interfaces and protocols are 100% configurable. Supports all popular operating system and hardware platforms
Slide Integrates with all third-party applications through open API’s High availability and container enabled for cloud deployments.
Real-time operation supports HTTP, REST API’s, SOAP, Diameter, TCP/IP

Business Benefits for Customers

Big Data Integration
Meets the flexible needs of enterprise customers in a landscape of growing data volumes. The Big Data Integration solution lays strong foundations for more comprehensive analytical use cases in addition to our current fraud offering.
Big Data Integration
Reduces the cost of development, as well as implementation cost of data solutions thanks to simple and affordable license pricing. Further supports broader use of Optimus Platform and products to unlock wider enterprise savings.
Big Data Integration
Big Data Integration from Optimus provides a scalable solution that can meet evolving data demands, managing data volumes through its modern, multi-CPU, multithreaded, fully-enabled, complex processing engine.

Big Data Integration
Simple connection for existing big data technologies already deployed within your network, providing easy read/write access and/or integration or re-use purposes.
Big Data Integration
Speed of integration
New upstream input sources and downstream sources easily integrated using the flexible configuration capabilities.
Big Data Integration
Simple implementation
Easily integrates with both legacy and emerging technology platforms, providing a flexible solution that integrates proprietary, legacy architecture with innovative, modern streaming infrastructure.

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