Charging Platform

A dynamic cloud-based charging solution for a complex tariff landscape

The charging landscape for enterprises is increasingly complex, requiring a responsive charging platform which can meet changing customer demands. That includes meeting expectations of multi-level or bespoke tariff offers, creating a dynamic and rapidly evolving ecosystem for providers. Enterprises are increasingly looking to offer flexible pricing solutions as part of an adaptive charging and payment system.

Neural Technologies’ Optimus Charging-as-a-Service (CaaS) is a cloud-native charging, analytics, and revenue assurance bundle. The platform can handle any level of complexity in charging solutions to provide both maximum flexibility and profitability to customers within a multi-level tariffed ecosystem.

Neural Technologies’ machine learning solution combines three key pillars of operations through self-learning, unconstrained anomaly detection, and advanced risk prediction techniques.

This self-learning ML solution employs autonomous retraining to continually update and refine predictive modeling. It delivers automatically optimized cluster identification, clearly identifies and explains structural information through key descriptive factors, and provides confidence-based mapping of new data to clusters with clear reasoning.

This is a system which is designed for any enterprise requiring dynamic pricing solutions for the modern operating environment. It provides a powerful platform for key use cases such as smart metering for utilities, IoT rating, revenue assurance, and billing reconciliation.

Charging with experience

Neural Technologies’ CaaS platform is built on decades of charging experience, deploying industry-leading solutions to enterprises around the world. It leverages the power of the Optimus Platform, with a successful history of unlocking the value of enterprise data to enhance customer service and reduce revenue leakage. Partnership with Microsoft Azure’s world-beating cloud platform ensures a safe, reliable, accessible, and secure payment system solution for providers.

The Optimus CaaS solution is uniquely designed to meet the needs of the most complex pricing models and dynamic tariff landscape. It has seen widespread adoption in key industries such as telecoms and utilities. The dynamic pricing model enables flexible solutions for time-of-day, day-of-week, peak hours, discounting scenarios, geo-zoning, and other key tariff structures. It is designed to support standard subscription models, while also providing a scalable and user-friendly growth solution in more complex or multi-tiered tariff structures.

Combined credit solutions

The Optimus CaaS solution can be further enhanced through integration of Neural Technologies’ unique built-in credit worthiness/scoring module known as Optimus Liquid Credit.

This AI/ML-driven component can identify and monitor “bad” or “risky” customers as they are on-boarded and also during the application process. This is an important element of the Know Your Customer (KYC) strategy to reduce operational risk and mitigate revenue losses through fraud. Leveraging Neural Technologies’ advanced Revenue Assurance product portfolio provides further assurance to customers, providing risk mitigation of revenue streams to ensure accuracy and safety

Neural Technologies’ Optimus Platform is built on over 30 years of experience delivering market-leading solutions that reduce operational risk and deliver valuable return on investment for customers around the world.

Charging Features

Custom configurable product and usage-scenario setup.
Freely definable rate-categories, rate-and-price plans.

Time-model setup including holidays, user definable calendars, day codes and time intervals.
Comprehensive rounding methods and currency conversion functionality.

Hierarchical and cascading zone-models (numerical and alphanumerical best-match algorithms).
Parallel support for multiple resources (e.g. currency, loyalty points, etc.) and multiple units (e.g. duration, volume, items etc.).

Flexible tiered, threshold, or stepped pricing definition, including add-on and minimum charges.
Multi-tariff-rating allows users to calculate multiple tariffs in parallel.
Optional features, and subscriber-specific rating of options.
Volume-based discounting or policies.

Seamless billing integration via freely definable billing and revenue groups.
Easily implement promotions or vouchers.

Gross and/or net pricing functionality.
Wholesales and/or retail pricing.

Business Benefits for Customers

Platform is secure, and easily configured to ensure tariff structures remain secure.
Customers can be efficiently onboarded and maintained with minimal IT resources.
Optimized For Complex Tariffs
Optimized for complex tariff structures such as those used in utilities and telecoms. Automated operation allows for immediate adjustments of rates based on multiple real-time variables.
Flexible Pricing
Features flexible pricing based on the operators’ usage profiles and tariff complexity.
Industry Agnostic
Developed to support complex tariff-based industries, and is easily applied to both public and private markets.
Built-In Revenue Assurance
Integrates with Neural Technologies’ flexible Revenue Assurance suite of solutions making additional platforms for reconciliation redundant.
Credit Scoring
Can utilize Neural Technologies’ Liquid Credit product for real-time scoring of customers, facilitating on-boarding as well as continuous payment behavior monitoring.
Data Quality Assurance
Employs advanced data integration capabilities and applies quality assurance techniques to ensure that the ingested data is accurate and results in proper rating/pricing.
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Flexible Dashboard
User-friendly dashboard allows admins to make changes at a glance, and easily review configuration status.
Open API Support
Simple connection to third-party platforms and business applications using a wide range of API support via open source API. Integration via a mediation layer allows other applications to integrate with the Optimus CaaS platform.

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