Data Mediation from Neural Technologies

Neural Technologies’ Data Mediation product is a powerful data mediation solution designed to optimize data integration and availability for businesses regardless of industry or existing technology levels. 

It provides a sophisticated data mediation and integration, caching, and extract transform load (ETL) pathway that can turn your data inflow into a wealth of critical business intelligence. That process is vital for enterprises seeking to navigate the increasingly fast-flowing world of data.

Converge, configure, and connect with data mediation from Neural Technologies

Data Mediation from Neural Technologies is designed to deliver flexibility that fits the needs of the modern data landscape. It will integrate data from any source at any volume capacity, with key functionalities that will power up your business with user-friendly data insight.

  • Converge extreme volume of complex data from any data source.
  • Configure usage data in any format, any scenario, any time.
  • Connect to any third-party applications in real-time.

Our Optimus Data Mediation product is based on industry standard architecture, providing seamless integration with any operating environment. That ensures a solution that can be rapidly adopted in any business, and, unlike niche or bespoke solutions, is easily integrated with a wide range of datasets. It supports all popular operating systems and hardware platforms. 

The open architecture integrates with all third-party applications through open APIs and supports a range of storage systems including traditional RDBMS and more modern big data and NoSQL storage systems. That ensures a powerful solution that can adapt to your own IT architecture. 

Data Mediation from Neural Technologies also enables real-time data insight, with support for streaming and IoT integration using message queues such as MQTT, and the widely-utilized Kafka Apache platform. These functionalities are vital in a world where speed of business intelligence can often dictate the value it unlocks. 

High availability also makes Optimus Data Mediation suitable for cloud integration solutions, meaning enterprises can benefit from seamless and powerful data integration that meets the needs of increasingly complex cloud-based implementations. 

Data mediation built on data-driven success

Neural Technologies has over 30 years’ experience in solutions designed for processing data in efficient and effective ways. Our Data Mediation product can reduce total cost of ownership for a data integration solution by as much as 25%, unlocking valuable insight while delivering rapid return on investment.

This technology provides a scalable solution which easily handles the extreme data growth projected for the future data sphere. Batch and real-time access also ensures high data availability, with minimal response-time latency, ensuring legacy infrastructure can be smoothly integrated with innovative and modern streaming systems. 

Flexible configuration is another key functionality provided by the Optimus Data Mediation product. This enables users to configure solutions based on your own unique requirements, with the ability to simulate, debug and view processing results instantly. 

The single platform approach provides a centralized platform for all mediation use cases, efficiently managing a growing set of data formats and protocols in one single platform, in batch as well as real-time. It allows parallel processing of use cases, and supports all business logic, structured data formats, functionalities and interfaces through low-code support.

Off-the-shelf botpacs provide pre-configured and pre-packaged mediation tools such as filter, reject and recycle, offline/online charging, rating, duplicate checks and validation, providing rapid rollout of a tried and tested data mediation solution. This can significantly accelerate time to market while still benefiting from a trusted mediation solution.

The pace of data generation is set to grow, challenging enterprises with rigid and lethargic legacy data solutions. Optimus Data Mediation provides a truly scalable solution to meet your data needs, now and into tomorrow.

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