Enhancing Data Access with Optimus Data Portal

In a data-driven world, it’s vital that enterprises employ appropriate data management and extraction to instantly access and respond to key enterprise data. Yet the sheer volume of data in our modern landscape is generating significant hurdles for timely and efficient access. 

Traditionally, businesses would store enterprise data in dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) on computer harddrives. Caching data in this way provided a rapid data access solution, and allowed enterprises to quickly respond to customer queries, access relevant insight, and ensure data was available when needed. The quicker this data was accessed, the more responsive an enterprise solution could be. 

Our modern data landscape is changing this equation. In a May 2020 report, analysts IDC predicted that the volume of data created over the following three years would be more than the data created over the preceding 30 years. It projected that the world would create five times the volume of data in the following five-year period than in the five years before. These remarkable statistics reveal the huge pressures for appropriate data storage and access solutions. 

The sheer volume of this data far surpasses the capabilities of traditional DRAM storage techniques on standard computing systems. These legacy storage systems were designed for the comparative trickle of data experienced in recent decades, with the projected growth like a tidal wave ready to flood enterprise storage systems. 

The solution to this growing data volume has been enterprises increasingly turning to data storage in large database systems. Where once data had been available at users’ fingertips, they now face lengthy retrieval processes, often suffering delays due to unsorted data or blunt retrieval parameters. This data storage and retrieval process is akin to trawling an ocean of data for a single fish. 

Embracing a modern data portal solution

Enterprises seeking to maintain the vital accessibility of their data are increasingly turning to sophisticated data portal solutions that overcome this problem. The Optimus Data Portal works to enhance the performance of databases and ensure always-on availability of your critical enterprise data, unlocking the true value of your frequently accessed data.  

Optimus Data Portal acts like a conduit for data access, seamlessly linking the expanding data lake in backend databases with the operational needs for timely data access. It turns that flood of data into a managed and accessible data lake, while reducing the time lost through lengthy or inefficient database queries. It provides an accessible cache of frequently stored data that enables high availability for your critical enterprise data. 

This data portal solution provides the vital link between customer data and business insight. It delivers reliable high-throughput data insight that boosts data access while reducing data management costs. It overcomes bottlenecks if data volumes spike suddenly, and allows enterprises to quickly scale, all while improving access time for frequently accessed data. 

Optimus Data Portal is designed to enable quickly accessed, user-friendly data management with sub-millisecond latency, offering a uniquely powerful solution for reliable and value-adding customer engagement. It offers the data availability of a traditional caching solution, with the significant data storage capacity of your enterprise database systems. 

Unlocking value with data portal software

Neural Technologies’ Data Portal leverages decades of experience building effective data-driven solutions for business. It incorporates the company’s advanced artificial and machine learning technologies to provide a powerful enterprise solution that delivers clear strategic advantage through actionable data insight. 

The solution is designed to provide advanced data profiling regardless of the origin of datasets. With its caching module, Optimus Data Portal allows enterprises to drastically reduce the number of hits to the source system, storing frequently requested data in a quickly accessible cache. That means more ready data access, with reduced resource burden and latency.

These benefits aren’t simply technical considerations for Neural Technologies’ customers. Data mapping and accessibility solutions help unlock wider opportunities in the arena of customer service and engagement, providing a dynamic offering which delivers insight into potential areas of revenue generation outside traditional operating models.  

Optimus Data Portal can seamlessly integrate into complex enterprise systems in industries such as telecoms, finance, utilities, and more. It is designed to integrate and provide data extraction solutions for interconnected systems, drawing data from multiple sources. 

The legacy of limited DRAM systems is now increasingly a thing of the past. Modern enterprises recognize the need for databases to store their growing wealth of data. Optimus Data portal provides a flexible, scalable solution that can adapt to meet changing need as enterprise data demands continue to grow, providing a data management solution that is easily ramped up to meet the needs of a growing business.

In the question of data availability, it’s sink or swim for many organizations facing the wave of modern enterprise data. Optimus Data Portal provides a solution which helps overcome the dual challenge of high-volume data storage, and vital data accessibility. 

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