Neural Technologies: Empowering Finance With Digital Transformational and Analytical Innovations


The Finance Industry is not exempt from the Digital Transformation wave, and FinTech companies have embarked on a journey to provide robust technologically powered finances despite the daunting challenges of increasing customer demands and complex customer acquisition models. Neural Technologies stands apart in empowering enterprises with the capabilities to adopt a robust digital transformation strategy through its Transaction Banking Product – The Optimus Platform.

Neural Technologies and their Optimus suite provide a comprehensive solution portfolio to enhance the technological transformation journey of its clients. The Optimus suite contains various solutions within the areas of revenue management, data integration and advanced analytics. These solutions, in addition to facilitating effective digital transformation, empower the clients with holistic revenue management, data consolidation, and optimisation. Enabling its clients to build customer specific applications and bespoke services, the Optimus Platform also consolidates their financial models for better customer experience while driving efficiency in the transactions and connecting financial institutions to all of their financial records. Claus Nielsen, Vice President of Marketing, Neural Technologies, says, “Our Optimus platform’s flexibility to integrate, rule-based analytics delivering high performance and ease of re-configuration, has garnered us tremendous traction within the FinTech arena.”

The Optimus Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance solutions enable a responsive digital banking experience along with data analytics to flag and eliminate risk. Neural Technologies’ near real-time fraud detection and prevention minimises their client’s financial exposure and secures their financial engagements. By providing easy integration across the bank’s ecosystem, Optimus allows banks to have complete visibility of their customer while making the Know your customer (‘KYC’) process checkpoints invisible to their customer. Neural Technologies eliminates the entire complexity and disruption of the customer on-boarding procedure for its clients in a compliant manner while protecting them through risk assessment.

Our platform’s flexibility to integrate, rule-based analytics delivering high performance and ease of re-configuration, has garnered us tremendous traction within the FinTech arena

The Neural Technologies’ Optimus platform could be hosted in the cloud, though conventionally the platform is hosted within the client’s own data centers owing to the confidentiality requirements of client’s financial records. The company responds proactively to every support request made by the client, offering multi-level support services with unparalleled dexterity.

Neural Technologies has established themselves as a reliable stature in the financial landscape, being prominent in driving exceptional technological efficiency for some of the renowned names in the space. Old National Bank (ONB) leverages Neural Technologies’ SaaS point of application and loans fraud monitoring. The SaaS interface solution streamlines the application process and reduces application costs through automation of credit decisions for each application by allowing communication between ONB, Neural Technologies, and 3rd party servers. Neural Technologies also caters to BTPN Bank Indonesia where the company has deployed its state-of-the-art Predictive Analytics and Risk Management Platform, for the different lifecycles of the agent, customer, and portfolio monitoring, encompassing credit, fraud and compliance risk monitoring and predictive analytics in a single platform.

Currently, Neural Technologies is working closely with the finance industry to integrate the Optimus platform with various other technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtualised data lake. “With these technical advances we are planning to develop new innovative solutions powered by Optimus, supplementing the capabilities of our current solution portfolio,” concludes Nielsen.

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