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Brochure - SCAMBlock Solution | Neural Technologies
Neural TechnologiesDec 8, 2023 6:53:34 PM< 1 min read

Brochure - SCAMBlock Solution

Spam calls have become a pervasive global problem. It’s clear that blocking spam calls is a major priority for regulatory bodies and experts. We know from our own experience in the industry why this is so important, not only due to the significant growth in scam call activity, but also the very real personal toll it can take on victims of fraud. 

SCAMBlock from Neural Technologies is designed to tackle scam calls before they impact customers. It also provide additional layers of protection and preventive measure against high-risk scam calls enabling mobile users to make informed decisions before answering the call and empower them to have control in managing the unwanted calls.  

Download the brochure and see how our SCAMBlock solution works.