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Industry Insight at Neural Technologies - Neural Technologies
Neural Technologies2 min read

Industry Insight at Neural Technologies

Neural Technologies has over 30 years’ experience delivering pioneering innovation in areas of revenue protection, fraud and credit risk management. Our expert industry insight is built on that foundation, working with customers around the world to deliver the latest in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and innovation-driven solutions to address key business challenges.

January on our blog covered a range of business stories and industry insight, including our suite of advanced business solutions, understanding of the data-heavy operating landscape, and recognition of how innovations in machine learning are fundamental to driving success for enterprises and partners around the world. 

Choose the Right Machine Learning Model for Your Business

Machine learning has the potential to transform business operations, improving efficiency, optimizing processes, and radically improving revenue protection and generation opportunities. In order to unlock the greatest value from this technology, you need to understand the right machine learning model for your business. 

What ActiveML Means for Unknown Fraud

Neural Technologies’ ActivML system provides a path to automate processes, guaranteeing quicker and better fraud detection results for customers. That incorporates a self-learning approach that constantly refines and optimizes the model, unknown detection of emerging trends and threats, and risk prediction with user-friendly analytics to enhance analyst insight. This comprehensive approach means improved detection of unknown fraud that keeps enterprises and their customers safe. 

Building and Protecting Value in the Mobile Economy

Mobile technologies are projected to add USD5tril to the global economy by 2025, as the transformative nature of these technologies is further accelerated by emerging platforms such as 5G connectivity. If we’re to deliver on this promise, we need to implement sophisticated solutions to detect fraud, protect revenue, and ensure customers can operate in a safe and secure environment. 

Affordable Information Access in a Data-Heavy World

Analysis indicates that an average 1.7 megabytes of data per second is generated for every person in the world. This reflects the remarkable rise of connected technologies, and highlights the pressure on enterprises to appropriately capture and utilize this data. Ensuring this data-driven world maintains affordable access to information is vital if we’re to deliver an equitable landscape for citizens and businesses around the globe.  

5 Areas of Risk For Revenue Assurance

Protecting revenue is a critical consideration for communication service providers (CSPs) who face growing risks from fraudsters and complex operational environments. Rating assurance, charging assurance, billing assurance, usage assurance, and tariff assurance represent five of the most critical areas of revenue protection, highlighting the need for advanced revenue protection solutions like those provided by Neural Technologies.

Credit Risk Management in a Post-COVID World

COVID-19 has created remarkable disruption to our global economic systems, with a major knock-on impact to credit risk management. Global debt reached USD226tril in 2020, representing the largest debt surge since World War II. In this high-pressure landscape, Neural Technologies’ Credit Risk Management provides a flexible and customizable solution which can adapt to the unique operating needs of your enterprise. 

Catch Spam Calls At The Source with SCAMBlock Solution 

Robocalls are a persistent threat for customers and CSPs across the globe. In the United States alone, more than 50 billion robocalls were made in 2020. This reflects a growing global problem as unscrupulous fraudsters seek to target vulnerable customers. Neural Technologies’ SCAMBlock product delivers an adaptive, evolving response to this fraud threat, cutting off robocalls and scam calls at the source, reducing the threat to customers, and protecting valuable reputations of mobile and telecoms service providers.