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IoT Orchestration and Integration in the CSP Ecosystem - Neural Technologies
Neural Technologies3 min read

IoT Orchestration and Integration in the CSP Ecosystem

Communication service providers (CSPs) are facing a new era of transformation. These innovation-driven enterprises have already successfully traversed the telecoms transitions from resource-intensive human operations to hardware and Internet solutions, leveraging emerging technologies to scale and automate business processes.

Now CSPs face the new era of data-driven telecommunications ecosystems, where data plays a pivotal role in ensuring sustainable, competitive operations for players around the world. This era of data and orchestration is designed to respond to a high-volume customer landscape, and growing expectations of personalized and responsive service offerings. 5G is set to supercharge this landscape, providing new customers, new revenue streams, and new data to integrate into a seamless end-to-end ecosystem. 

Effective orchestration solutions will be critical to delivering on this promise, and unlocking the new era of productivity and outstanding customer experience as CSPs around the world transition towards becoming effective digital service providers. 

What is orchestration?

Orchestration refers to the automated configuration, coordination, and management of a wide range of computer systems and software, creating an integrated digital ecosystem that includes multiple systems, applications, and services.

It’s important to understand that orchestration goes beyond simple automation. It’s about bringing together a diverse set of systems, applications, and processes into one seamless-end-to-end ecosystem. It must be able to adapt and evolve to integrate new hardware and software as and when a business requires. That adaptable, scalable, data-agnostic approach is critical to Neural Technologies’ Orchestration Solution.

Orchestrating a pivotal transition for CSPs

5G, the Internet of Things (IoT), both represent generation-defining platform technologies set to transform how CSPs meet changing customer needs. This period offers up huge potential to capture new customers and unlock fresh revenue streams, while at the same time building a sustainable, digital-first ecosystem built on effective orchestration—a fundamental determination of CSPs 5G value.

Unlike preceding technologies which have been digitalized and virtualized in increments, 5G and IoT are set to be integrated with digital technologies from their very inception. Starting this journey right is critical at a time when CSPs face increasingly complex technology burdens, cost and commercial pressures, and disruptive technologies continuing to emerge from the pipeline of innovation at the heart of this industry.

CSPs will be required to orchestrate an increasingly complex portfolio of 5G and IoT services, with huge volumes of data generated and utilized to effectively deliver on this need. This will require a flexible, adaptive, and scalable model that incorporates zero-touch solutions in areas such as onboarding, fraud protection, and payments, with a complete, end-to-end cross-domain orchestration that empowers both the business and its customers. 

Automated and digital service delivery will underpin this journey, creating an ecosystem of products and services which can be dynamically managed, adapted, and delivered in real-time. This competitive world of on-demand consumer expectations means a powerful orchestration solution is critical as CSPs transform into truly digital, data-driven organizations. 

This evolution means more than just technical knowhow, it’s about transforming fundamental culture and service delivery to focus on end-to-end customer service as part of an integrated 5G and IoT ecosystem, rather than a traditional focus on networks or core service availability. 

Improving customer service and generating new revenue is central to CSPs’ network transformation strategies according to research by GSMA. Orchestration offers a powerful platform to deliver on this while responding to CSPs 5G and IoT transformation needs.

Neural Technologies’ Orchestration Solution is designed to meet the needs of this exciting, evolving landscape, as part of a portfolio of solutions designed to put data and automation at the heart of CSP’s operations. 

Our advanced orchestration platform offers end-to-end data integration that is critical to delivering on the needs of the 5G and IoT integration landscape. It is customizable to your unique business needs, and can be configured to seamlessly integrate with your desired workflow, and capable of enabling API traffic flow control, security, and load balancing.

The use of Optimus Data Integration (Mediation) Solution offers the backbone of a system capable of scaling to meet rapidly expanding data volumes, with the ability to integrate data from any source. It enables batch and real-time processing as well as real-time connectivity, and is flexibly designed to integrate with third-party applications.

Orchestration and effective data integration will be key to the evolving roles of CSPs, in an ecosystem where 5G and IoT are set to unlock new revenue streams backed by increasingly complex technical innovation. 

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