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Neural TechnologiesJun 8, 2021 5:00:14 PM2 min read

Leading Asian CSP Leverages Neural Technologies’ Advanced Scam Call Mitigation

Pioneering fraud management from Neural Technologies leveraged to reduce spam calls and protect customers for Asian telecoms operator.

SINGAPORE, 8th June 2021 – A leading Asian communications service provider (CSP) is set to introduce Neural Technologies’ advanced scam call mitigation solutions to tackle robocalls and reduce scam call threats for customers. This powerful solution leverages Neural Technologies’ pioneering machine learning expertise to tackle scam calls, building on the company’s extensive experience delivering revenue protection solutions for customers around the world.

This initiative aligns with a push by the country’s regulatory agencies to help mitigate the rising number of spam calls and call spoofing fraud registered nationally, leveraging Neural Technologies’ existing Fraud Management system to provide rapid cover that will reduce nuisance calls and tackle the threat of spam.

Implementation of this project will reinforce a strong existing partnership between the operator and Neural Technologies, building on existing operations of the company’s Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance solutions. The operator selected Neural Technologies for its evidenced success in tackling fraud, and strong reputation for fraud analytics capability and network signaling expertise.

“In the US alone, there were 22.8 billion robocalls in the first half of 2020, and the COVID-19 pandemic has created new threats from scammers, targeting call receivers using fake caller identities and unknown numbers,” said Ang Liang, Chief Operations Officer at Neural Technologies. “Greater efforts are needed to crack down on robocalls globally. There is no silver bullet that will instantly eliminate spam and scam calls, but our experience shows that call analytics combined with active call blocking helps maximize mitigation. We’re delighted to see the operator choose Neural Technologies for this task, and are enthusiastic about the real scam mitigation benefits that they and their customers will enjoy.”

Neural Technologies’ Spam Call Analytics Module will reinforce existing fraud mitigation efforts employed by the operator, providing an advanced solution that eliminates revenue leakage and reduces customer exposure to fraud.

Introduction of Neural Technologies’ Active Blocking System will further reinforce the defense against scam calls, providing end-to-end control over call disposition. Leveraging the combined benefits of these fraud detection and prevention solutions will enable greater control of both incoming and outgoing calls, reducing the threat to customers, while enhancing the robust revenue protection measures the operator already enjoys from these solutions.

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