Neural Technologies celebrate second consecutive award win in Outstanding Innovation at TM Forum Asia

Following its success at TM Forum Asia, Neural Technologies will be attending and speaking at TM Forum Middle East next week

Dubai, UAE, 16 January 2019 –  Neural Technologies, a leading provider of Digital Transformation solutions, recently received its second consecutive award win for outstanding innovation in 2018 for its participation in the 5G Pâtisserie – the search of a secret recipe for seamless 5G network slicing catalyst project.

As showcased at TM Forum Digital Transformation Asia, the project was executed in partnership with several other top-tier companies such as Globe Telecom, KDDI Research, Singtel, Ericsson and Infosys.

“We are thrilled to be recognised for Outstanding Innovation for the second consecutive year in a row. Not only for our participation and collaboration in the 5G Pâtisserie catalyst project, but that Optimus has succeeded in demonstrating its leading-edge technical capabilities which the industry has recognised once again.” said Vice President of Marketing from Neural Technologies, Claus Nielsen.

With the imminent introduction of 5G networks and its corresponding 5G services such as Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB); Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communications (URLLC), including industrial applications and autonomous vehicles; and Massive Machine Type Communications (MMTC), even more of demand will now be on the telecommunications industry to deal with the huge increase of data volumes.

“The demands of 5G place pressure on service providers to provide new and innovative 5G services to their customers, which is why the 5G Pâtisserie catalyst project is so important. Optimus can not only assist enterprise clients today in their ongoing digital transformation journeys, but that we are able to assist them well into the future of 5G,” Claus Nielsen concluded.

Claus Nielsen will be giving a presentation at TM Forum Digital Transformation Middle East that will focus on these challenges related to Event Data collection and management and how Neural Technologies’ Digital Integration Value Proposition can overcome such data challenges. He will be speaking on “Digital Integration – Standardizing Event Data Collection & Management” at 16:40 in the Grosvenor Hotel Dubai, within the IT & Operations That Enable Intelligent Services  on 21st January.

Neural Technologies will also host a private lunch briefing where Communication Service Provider delegates, invited by TM Forum, will have the opportunity to learn more about Neural Technologies’ extensive portfolio of digital transformation value propositions as well as Optimus that powers such portfolio.

Following the TM Forum Digital Transformation Middle East, Neural Technologies will also be attending Risk & Assurance Group Bahrain on the 23-24 January as it continues its 30 years of leading innovation in Risk and Assurance as part of its Revenue Management Value Proposition.

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