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News-SCAM Block solution-combat scam call | Neural Technologies
Neural TechnologiesAug 7, 2023 3:56:06 PM2 min read

Neural Technologies Empowers Leading Asian Telco with SCAMBlock to Combat Scam Calls (Robocalling) 

Leading Asian Telco leverages Neural Technologies’s SCAMBlock solution to proactively combat scam calls (robocalling).

HONG KONG, August 7, 2023 - With decades of experience in combating fraud through data-driven technologies, Neural Technologies is delighted to announce its collaboration with a leading Asian telecommunication company to combat the growing threat of fraudulent calls. 

As scam calls and messages continue to pose a critical concern to the integrity of telecommunications services and the security of communications networks, prompting regulatory agencies to take significant steps to protect consumers from such threats. 

Aligned with the regulatory agency’s initiative, the operator has embraced SCAMBlock, our network-based solution harnesses the power of AI and machine learning techniques to monitor, detect, alert and prevent suspicious scam phone calls, further reinforcing its commitment to protecting its customers and network integrity. The operator selected Neural Technologies for its proven success in tackling fraud and a strong reputation for fraud analytics capability and network signaling expertise. 

" With decades of expertise in combating fraud and scam threats, we are committed to deliver effective solutions that make a positive impact," said Elena Loghin, CEO at Neural Technologies. "We are honored to support our customer’s mission with the network-based SCAMBlock solution packed with advanced features and real-time protection capabilities to protect their consumers from unwanted phone calls and align with the regulatory agency's initiative."

Neural Technologies's network-based SCAMBlock solution offers comprehensive features and capabilities to detect, prevent and mitigate scam calls effectively. The solution's key benefits include:

Advanced Scam Detection and Prevention: SCAMBlock utilizes a combination of multi-layered analytics models and AI machine learning technology to analyze, identify highly suspicious scam calls behavior and adapt to evolving threats.

Real-time Decisioning and Active Blocking: The solution delivers in-call setup analysis enabling real-time decisioning and automated active blocking of potential scam calls through the network-based components.

Interactive Voice Announcement Alert: The Voice Announcement Functionality feature incorporates advanced real-time voice warning messages to alert mobile users about potential spam or fraudulent calls from outside the country and they have the option to decide whether to answer the call. This enables subscribers to make informed decisions before answering the call.

Personalized Call Filter: With the introduction of this feature, users can now customize and manage their own “Personal blocklist or Personal allowlist” to manage their incoming phone calls from specific countries directly, blocking and preventing unwanted callers from reaching them in the future. This empowers mobile users to take control and personalize their international call block or /allow list. 

Highly Flexible and End-to-End Integration: Supports industry variety of interfaces and protocols to connect to network components and external platforms for call monitoring and actions. The modular architecture supports seamless end-to-end integration.

SCAMBlock will further reinforce the defense against scam calls providing end-to-end control over call disposition enabling greater control of incoming calls to proactively protect the subscribers from unwanted and harmful communications.

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