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News - software solution upgrade | Neural Technologies
Neural TechnologiesSep 4, 2023 4:26:19 PM3 min read

Unveil Neural Technologies Optimus Data Integration v8 and Optimus Revenue Protection v12 new software versions

The new Optimus Data Integration v8 and Optimus Revenue Protection v12 focus on enhancing data security protection and user experience for OSS/BSS operations. 

Germany September 04, 2023 – Neural Technologies introduces two new software upgrades that help communication service providers (CSPs) strengthen and optimize their data security protection and user experience for OSS/BSS operations.

New Optimus Data Integration version 8

The Optimus Data Integration v8 version unveils a powerful addition of enterprise-ready web-based tools for data integration and workflow management to enhance efficiency, insights and data security. The web-based plugin tools include:

Platform Operation Manager Plugin: This plugin enables users to easily manage the Optimus Data Integration Factory from configuration to deployment of data integration workflow and it provides a built-in monitoring visualization for complete visibility of the data pipeline workflows to prevent and manage breaks or failures.

Service Management Platform Plugin: On-demand system performance at your fingertip. This plugin provides a unified analytics and real-time monitoring feature to keep track of your entire OS system's processes, health and performance for rapid troubleshooting and optimization to ensure smooth and secure operation

File Collector Plugin: This plugin simplifies and eliminates manual processes of file processing providing users an integrated interface to manage and monitor all complicated file processing and activities with just a click away from file transfer activities, job-history information to housekeeping.  

Kafka Manager Plugin: This user-friendly plugin enables users to oversee the Kafka Cluster, manage and keep track of the data streaming performance, security and activity in real-time to ensure high throughput and to prevent system breakdown and data loss. It is equipped with in-depth analytics enabling users to make informed decisions and optimize the data streams. 

Custom Implementation Plugin: This flexible, easy-to-use plugin empowers users to create and integrate their own web-based plugin to enrich their data integration based on their unique needs.

Robust Data Security: Our new plugins are equipped with robust data security measures with multi-user multitenant browser applications to safeguard your sensitive information.

New Optimus Revenue Protection version 12

The Optimus Revenue Protection v12 version is packed with innovative features and enhancements to elevate your data security and user experience. The new features and modules include:

Role-Based Data Access: This powerful role-based security feature is designed to ensure your sensitive information is protected with special access rights, privileges management and control for data sensitivity accessibility implementation. 

  • Granular Access Control: Access levels and permissions can be defined and tailored to different roles, fine-tune who can view, edit, or manage specific data sets, ensuring data privacy and compliance.
  • Multi-Tenant Account Access: This feature is configured using data segmentation based on roles to ensure that users only interact with the data relevant to their responsibilities and operational needs. 
  • Flexible Adjustments: Permissions can be easily adjusted as roles evolve, ensuring that data access remains accurate and up to date. 
  • Audit Trail and Security: Keeps track of detailed records of data access and modifications made by different user groups or specific roles to enhance the audit trail security.

Websight GUI: Introducing a new dashboard on-the-go web-based GUI to ease case management and reporting accessibility anytime and anywhere. With this new web-based feature, analysts can now manage and analyze the current state of the Fraud management or Revenue Assurance configuration (queues/searches/ dashboards) on the web-browser from both desktop and mobile devices.

The latest versions of Optimus Data Integration v8 and Optimus Revenue Protection v12 are now available

The Optimus Data Integration v8 and Optimus Revenue Protection v12 latest versions are now available to all telecommunication providers, contact our sales to find out more.

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