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RAFM And Machine Learning at Neural Technologies - Neural Technologies
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RAFM And Machine Learning at Neural Technologies

Revenue assurance, business assurance, and fraud management are built on the value of quality data to deliver quality decision making. At Neural Technologies, empowering that decision making with effective data systems is the foundation of what we deliver for customers.

In a digital era where data volumes continue to grow at unprecedented rates, providing the right solutions to empower this oversight and decision making is key to reducing revenue leakage. It’s also a critical element in ensuring customers receive the service that they deserve. That’s why our flexible, scalable solution is designed to deliver effective revenue assurance, business assurance, and fraud management systems for enterprises around the world. 

A Rapidly Changing Revenue Assurance Landscape

Revenue leakage is a major problem for enterprises, and often results from dated systems and poor oversight failing to capture application risks, billing errors, and charging and rating risks.  With accidental revenue and cost leakages costing communication service providers (CSPs) alone USD42.59bn annually, now is the time to act and introduce a flexible and scalable revenue assurance solution for a rapidly changing landscape. 

What Is Revenue Assurance and Business Assurance?

Good revenue assurance and business assurance is built on good data. Recognising how to deploy that data requires a detailed understanding of just what revenue assurance and business assurance are, and what an effective solution can deliver for your business. 

Revenue Assurance And Fraud Management (RAFM) WIth ML

It’s estimated that every person on Earth is creating 1.7 MB of data per second. That huge data growth highlights a remarkable challenge for good revenue assurance and fraud protection in a high-volume data ecosystem. Machine learning can be the engine that transforms that burden into business opportunity, with automated and semi-automated decisions that power up your fraud risk management and revenue assurance processes. 

Case Studies

Our work with customers around the world shows the power of these technologies to deliver results for revenue assurance and fraud management in customers in industries such as telecommunications. That includes major communication service providers (CSPs) like Turkcell, where adoption of our advanced fraud prevention and revenue assurance solutions enabled the operator to increase fraud detection by 12%, reduce time between analysis and intervention by 27%, and improve collection amounts by 89%.

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