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Reducing Credit Risk And Tackling Fraud - Neural Technologies
Neural Technologies1 min read

Reducing Credit Risk And Tackling Fraud

At Neural Technologies, we believe that good data is vital if efforts to reduce credit risk and tackle fraud are to be effective. We have over 30 years’ experience delivering industry-leading, data-driven solutions for customers, and we recognize how fundamental good data is to delivering on that promise. 

In the current business landscape, the challenges for organizations seeking to maintain and grow revenue are even more acute, as enterprises are faced with the growing threat from fraudsters looking to take advantage of a disrupted ecosystem. We’re working with partners around the world to deliver comprehensive revenue protection solutions to businesses of all sizes and industries, helping to reduce revenue leakage and empower business success. 

SCAMBlock – Talking To The Experts at Neural Technologies

Neural Technologies’ SCAMBlock solution was designed in response to calls by communication service providers to tackle the ever-growing threat of scam calls. We recently had a chance to sit down with one of the experts and see how Neural Technologies worked to develop and deploy its sophisticated SCAMBlock solution to protect customers and maintain CSP reputations in the face of persistent scam calls. 

7 Benefits of Credit Risk Management from Neural Technologies

Global debt reached an eye-watering USD303tril in 2021. In this fraught financial landscape, operators are looking for adaptive bad debt and credit risk management solutions that can support customers while reducing revenue risks. Here are seven benefits of Neural Technologies’ flexible and scalable Credit Risk Management solution. 

Supporting MSMEs to Reduce Fraud Risk

MSMEs account for around 90% of all businesses worldwide, and contribute about half of total global employment, making them an essential pillar of the global economy. Protecting these important enterprises from fraud can be challenging, with limited resources and limited technical knowhow in many cases. Addressing this need requires a truly flexible fraud risk management solution that can scale with business growth. 

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