Our Digital Transformation solutions provide data consolidation, optimisation, and orchestration by collecting and preparing relevant Event Data across multiple sources in various formats from both internal and external systems to minimise bad Event Data Records. Not only that, we also organise and structure your Event Data to ensure faster consumption by relevant downstream business support systems.


Invest in a Mediation product that automates the pre-qualification and pre-processing of Event Data from across the entire enterprise.

Charging (Software as a Service)

A cloud-native, flexible, Charging solution that handles any level of charging complexity within a multi-level tariff ecosystem.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning powers the Optimus solution portfolio with advanced analytics


Manage the orchestration of your interconnected systems including subscriptions/purchasing of end user services, charging requests, top-ups, provisioning and much more

Data Transformation

Consume any kind of data, process the data based on configurable transformation business logic and provide the transformed data to subsequent applications and storage systems. Support subsequent ML/AI applications.

IOT Integration Services

Optimus IoT Integration Services is a customized service of mediating IoT data from IoT devices into downstream applications.

Big Data Integration Services

Customizable service of ingestion and consumption of data into/from Big Data storage systems

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