Our Revenue Protection solutions allow your enterprise to eliminate risks with near real-time fraud detection and prevention, ensure profitability with holistic Revenue Management, and deliver superior customer satisfaction by making sure that customers are always charged accurately and on time.

Fraud Management

Optimus Fraud Management provides comprehensive protection against a myriad of telecommunication fraud types. Utilising a variety of methods including sophisticated neural network technology, to ensure enterprises protect their bottom line against the ever-present fraud threat

Revenue Assurance

Optimus Revenue Assurance supports RA departments in their remit to ensure that all revenue generated by customers and partner Enterprises is correctly billed or accounted for and that the processes designed to support revenue assurance functions are working as efficiently as possible


Optimus Dunning represents proactive Revenue Management. An automated dunning process ensures: improvement in debt collections process and success rate, capability for treating different customer groups appropriately, and collection agents can focus on the most special cases while the rest runs automatically

Credit Risk Management

Optimus Credit Risk Management assists enterprises to assess prospective customers for credit risk at application stage, providing valuable support to existing in-house screening policies and credit agency checks while managing payment risk throughout the customer lifecycle

Charging (Software as a Service)

A cloud-native, flexible, Charging solution that handles any level of charging complexity within a multi-level tariff ecosystem.

Business Assurance

Optimus Business Assurance is performed at a higher level of business than revenue assurance, and it encompasses Customer Experience as well as ensures that the business flows that occur are tracked and monitored.

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