Revenue Protection

Advanced Revenue Protection For Your Business With A Powerful Portfolio Of Revenue Management Solutions
Revenue protection is a vital part of enterprise financial planning. It’s estimated that revenue leakage costs enterprises up to 15-20% of total revenue annually. In multibillion-dollar businesses, that challenging revenue management can add up to significant revenue loss.

Neural Technologies’ suite of Revenue Protection products is designed to offer advanced financial risk management tools that reduce loss while unlocking new potential revenue streams for your business.
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4 Simple Steps To Better Revenue Protection

The highly flexible Optimus Revenue Protection platform enables rapid response leveraging AI-machine learning to identify and target areas of revenue leakage. It utilizes AI/machine learning with behavioral profiling and advanced analytics to identify vulnerabilities, while flagging occurrences of revenue leakage in real- time, enabling businesses to quickly recover lost revenue.

Business Benefits for Customers


Optimus regularly obtains fraud accuracy levels of over 50%, with very low false positive rates, compared to less than 15% in traditional systems.


Configure your own data streams, rules, and detection configurations, allowing you to tailor the solution to your exact business requirements.


High performance and high availability for future growth requirements, processing billions of transactions per day.


Flexible open architecture allows adaptation for introduction of new technologies and services to suit your exact business requirements.

Easy Integration

Optimus is virtually platform-independent, running on multiple platforms, with an extremely flexible mediation function, reducing implementation and integration cost as well as ongoing operational costs.


Adaptive neural network feedback to keep up to date with changing subscriber and fraudster behavioural patterns.

Comprehensive Audit and Logging

Traceability of data processing, alarms handling, data exceptions, IT system performance, etc. to enhance management of systems.

Active Interfacing

Accept and profile any event data feeds from anywhere in your business to provide a broad picture and a higher level of accuracy, plus action interfaces allow Optimus to trigger external events either automatically or manually and use the result to feedback into analysis.


Optimus Insight guides your analysts through a flexible workflow process, allowing reallocation of tickets to other users and groups, automation, data analysis and drilldown, parameterized searches, etc.

Rapid Integration. Fast-to-market. Scalable.

Unlike out-of-the-box products, our adaptive implementation provides the flexibility to adapt to meet your business needs.