Revenue Protection

Advanced revenue protection for your business with a powerful portfolio of revenue management solutions

Revenue protection is a vital part of enterprise financial planning. It’s estimated that revenue leakage costs enterprises up to 15-20% of total revenue annually. In multibillion-dollar businesses, that challenging revenue management can add up to significant revenue loss.

Neural Technologies’ suite of Revenue Protection products is designed to offer advanced financial risk management tools that reduce loss while unlocking new potential revenue streams for your business.

Advanced revenue solutions

The Optimus Revenue Protection platform leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions to identify and target areas of revenue leakage. It utilizes neural network behavioral modeling and advanced analytics to help identify vulnerabilities, while flagging occurrences of revenue leakage in real-time, enabling businesses to quickly recover lost revenue.

Our suite of Revenue Protection solutions are designed to provide a highly customizable product portfolio that adapts to address real-life fraud scenarios for your business.

4 simple steps to better revenue protection

Slide The Optimus Platform provides flexible business intelligence and transformation solutions for a wide range of industries. Discover how Neural Technologies is unlocking a world of data insight for telecoms, utilities, finance, and more.
Step 1: Business Analysis
Slide Neural Technologies introduce event and customer/business data collection and management. These solutions leverage our advanced digital integration capabilities, benefiting from the Optimus Data Integration platform. This integrates seamlessly with existing data infrastructure, collecting and classifying your enterprise event data. There is no need for significant upfront investment in IT infrastructure thanks to the flexible integration of the Optimus Platform.

Step 2: Integrating a Solution
Slide We integrate our powerful AI/ML product solutions to turn data into action. This is a fully customizable solution with rules designed to meet your business needs. Automated solutions detect revenue vulnerabilities, using complex analytics to deliver intervention that prevents leakage. Intelligent alarm analysis flags critical events for business oversight.

Step 3: Revenue Protection Configuration Step 3: Revenue Protection
Slide Powerful analytics dashboard and alarm investigation workflows provide clear and actionable business intelligence. Optimus Insight includes management tools, dynamic interactive viewers, and external interfacing, enabling comprehensive investigation and understanding of revenue events.
Step 4: Simple Oversight

An adaptive solution for your unique business needs

The scale of revenue leakage for business is remarkable. It’s estimated in telecoms alone that revenue leakage costs the industry US$40bil annually. Those same revenue inefficiencies are driving revenue losses in industries such as utilities, financial services, energy and more.

Neural Technologies provides a suite of fully customizable and responsive solutions that adapt to meet the needs of your business. Unlike out-of-the-box products, our adaptive implementation provides the flexibility to address key enterprise concerns. It rapidly integrates with existing and legacy systems, providing a fast-to-market and scalable solution that evolves alongside your business needs.

The Revenue Protection solution portfolio, powered by Optimus, provides all the tools needed for you to properly manage and protect your end-to-end revenue chain.

Business Benefits for Customers

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