Business Assurance

Business process management solution to reduce business risk

Neural Technologies’ Business Risk Assurance product is a process improvement solution to reduce enterprises’ business risk. It offers both automated and semi-automated controls and monitoring tools to identify and resolve risks, greatly improving business process management.

The Optimus Business Assurance platform includes a suite of solutions to address a wide range of business risk applications, identifying and mitigating risk in real-time or near-real-time. It includes targeted solutions for application risk, billing assurance, anti-money laundering, invoice assurance, and a range of other key business processes.

This suite of products enables organizations to establish effective control frameworks around critical business processes, ensuring appropriate oversight and process flow through automated actions that streamline operations and eliminate the risk of process deviations.

Better business decision making

Neural Technologies’ Business Assurance product includes applications to support data collection, control setup, data analytics, and automated actions that enables end users and business users to make decisions in a timely manner, optimizing processes and allowing easy intervention of corrective actions where needed. The powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning engines support automated decision making and actioning by continuously processing wide ranges of relevant data, adapting to deliver effective process management for your business.

Case management, reports, and dashboards provide clear analytics for detailed overview of business processes. Individual cases may be investigated and scrutinized as required, ensuring users have the tools to quickly analyze and resolve any emerging process issues.

Business Assurance Features

Slide Tariff and rating assurance. Application risk assessment. Billing assurance. Mobile money and anti-money laundering assurance.
Slide Margin assurance. Wholesale assurance. Commissions assurance. Partner invoice assurance.

Business Benefits for Customers

Business Assurance
Reduce Risk
Powerful AI/ML solution identifies business process risk for effective interventions that reduce revenue losses.
Business Assurance
Timely Mitigation
Automated solution provides timely mitigation for any revenue-impacting risks, increasing profitability and improving business process management.
Business Assurance
Margin Assurance
Quickly determine and ensure expected margins in product offerings, agreed tariffs, rates, costs with partners etc…
Business Assurance
Business Insight
Clear business insight powered by machine learning model which identifies anomalies and offers detailed oversight.
Business Assurance
Minimize Risks
Rapidly identify risks and enable timely actioning to reduce revenue or reputational impacts.
Business Assurance
Customer Improvements
Improved customer satisfaction and reduced complaints by proactively addressing issues relating to billing, tariffs, invoicing etc...

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