Machine Learning

Predictive modeling and in-depth analytics from a market-leading machine learning platform

Neural Technologies’ Machine Learning (ML) solution is built on decades of leading industry experience delivering predictive modeling and machine learning algorithms that drive new revenue opportunities for its customers.

Our advanced machine learning solutions are designed for complex real-world operating environments, providing flexible and scalable manipulation of often contradictory data flows. They enable real-time insight through open Python integration for streaming data analytics. The Optimus Platform’s powerful data transformation functionality significantly reduces time spent wrangling data sources, reducing data integration time by up to 80%.

Neural Technologies’ machine learning solution combines three key pillars of operations through self-learning Structured Analytical Profiling, Unconstrained Anomaly Detection to identify the “unknown”, and Structured Classification Prediction for advanced risk analytical techniques.

This powerful machine learning solution offers risk predictions that can reduce revenue loss and limit enterprise risk through comprehensive modelling of both labelled and unlabelled data, helping highlight and flag anomalies that could indicate system risks.

Adaptive insight

Neural Technologies’ machine learning platform provides structured profiling, unconstrained anomaly and classification type analyses that are fully automated, and coupled with graphical explainable representations to promote information understanding from complex data.

A self-learning platform means that Optimus is constantly adjusting and learning through autonomous retraining. That offers a constant iterative feedback loop that delivers robust self-learning, continually optimizing the solution.

The Optimus Machine Learning solution is enhanced with intelligence relationship networks to reduce subscription fraud risk and provide comprehensive identity verification solutions. The use of convolutional neural networks enhances insight on identity verification. Density-based analytics can be applied to specific fraud use cases in industries such as telecoms, banking and digital media, providing a predictive modeling solution that identifies fraud risks before revenue is lost.

With its simple implementation and modular design, the Optimus ML solution provides a flexible platform with analytical insight beyond risk and fraud detection, leveraging flexible design and GUI-based configurability.

Building business assurance

Business assurance solutions are also delivered through Neural Technologies’ machine learning platform, enabling multidimensional modeling for detailed trend analysis. Associative analytics complement business insight thanks to data based root cause analysis.

OpenApi integration ensures Optimus Machine Learning is easily integrated with existing data workflows, while also providing seamless connectivity with Optimus Risk Analysis, or third-party risk analysis platforms. Integration through a mediation layer with Optimus Data Insight provides access for other applications seeking to benefit from the insight of the proprietary machine learning algorithms.

Machine Learning Features

Slide Autonomous Retraining – Feedback loop from learning metrics automatically retrains and updates the deployed model. Hybrid AI/ML design. Employs both classic AI (declarative) and machine learning (non-declarative) with deep learning. Advanced model building. Performs feature engineering, data cleansing, sample selection, training/testing and model selection. Behavioral operational analytics with advanced feature extraction from transaction streams provides data for prediction and structural profiling. Slide Open Python integration. Additional integration support with R, Apache Spark, and others. Multiple analysis engines providing classification, prediction, structured profiling, anomaly detection, etc. Multiple analysis engines providing classification, prediction, clustering, anomaly detection, etc. Open source API/microservices architecture. Can be integrated with Optimus Data Integration or third-party mediation platform Rich data visualization dashboard. Monitor and view learning metrics like data drift.

Business Benefits for Customers

Machine Learning
Real-time Insight
Hybrid AI and machine learning platform provides predictive analytics for risk and fraud management in near real-time.
Machine Learning
Autonomous Solution
The module boasts an advanced predictive modeling algorithm based on behavioral operational analytics and autonomous retraining. Learning metrics flow through a feedback loop which continually and autonomously retrains and updates the Structural Profiling and Predictive Model. Use cases include Identity theft analysis, subscription fraud, SIM-Box fraud, Wangiri, IRSF, bad debt, dealer fraud, commercial misuse in digital media distribution, etc.
Machine Learning
Built on Experience
Neural Technologies has years of experience applying machine learning techniques effectively in a real-world business environment. Experience has shown that simply taking machine learning algorithms off-the-shelf and applying to data either doesn’t prove effective or has a short-term lifetime.

Machine Learning
Industry Agnostic
Our machine learning algorithms have proven their robustness in scenarios that include credit card application fraud, utilities bad debt prediction, churn/attrition prediction, mineral exploration, distribution of perishable goods, financial corporate credit assessments, credit/debit/ATM transactional fraud detection, marketing cross-selling and targeted advertising, mobile network base station fault prediction, etc.
Machine Learning
Adaptive Learning
The Optimus Platform enables data to be collated and associated with labeled outcomes (i.e. fraud type, bad debt, churn, etc.) to provide the necessary training datasets for machine learning to take place. Such data will integrate across usage, billing, payments, adjustments and recharges, customer care, etc.

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