Mobile Money

Adaptive mobile money risk management and mobile fraud prevention solutions

Neural Technologies Mobile Money solution leverages the artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies of the Optimus Enterprise Risk Management platform to provide comprehensive protection programs for mobile money risks.

This solution is designed to provide enterprises with protection against cell phone and mobile money fraud. It employs Know Your Customer (KYC) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD) monitoring for mobile payments, with comprehensive transaction monitoring and regulatory compliance risk analysis. The Optimus Platform utilizes a variety of methods, designed around neural network technology, link analysis, and complex rule monitoring, to quickly and effectively identify potential areas of revenue loss.

Comprehensive customer analysis

Optimus enables enterprises to assess all prospective customers at the outset, identifying key risk factors as part of appropriate application due diligence. It also provides on-going monitoring through the customer lifecycle, assessing day-to-day activities and transactions for signs of fraud. Predictive analytics models analyze actions of both customer and non-customers, adapting to identify evolving fraud types. This solution can also be engaged for internal fraud monitoring within an organization.

The Mobile Money product offers enterprises the capability to process and act on mobile money payment transactions. That also provides valuable source data which feeds into fraud protection to ensure safety and security of your mobile money operations.

Detailed data analysis from Optimus Insight further enhances business insight, providing advanced case management opportunities with detailed data-driven understanding. It can assist with investigation, analysis, assessment, and identification of a wide variety of mobile money fraud types.

Mobile Money Features

Slide Optimus cross-references individual fields against current or historical data during specific time periods and activities during the lifecycle of each customer. Optimus Insight produces a visualization of link analysis output, in tabular or graphical formats. Insight also supports creation and exporting of reports in the formats required by statutory agencies.
Neural predictive analytical models are applied to detect any abnormal behavior in usage, supporting advanced fraud protection and regulatory compliance monitoring. Link detection solution identifies fraudsters, matching names against existing sanction lists for the purpose of AML and CFT.
Slide Process any kind of mobile money transactions such as top-ups, payments, money transactions, and withdrawals

Business Benefits for Customers

Mobile Money
Mobile Money Risk Protection
Comprehensive protection from mobile money fraud scenarios based on proven technology.
Mobile Money
Advanced Detection
Neural behavioral modelling implemented alongside traditional rules and threshold-based techniques, providing adaptive and predictive fraud protection that improves detection rates and reduces false-positive ratios.
Mobile Money
Regulatory Compliance
Complete solution for AML, with KYC/CDD standards to meet statutory requirements starting from validating customer data, transaction monitoring, and AML reporting.

Mobile Money
Supplier Independence
Configure customized rules and data streams independently to reduce need for vendor cost or resourcing.
Mobile Money
SaaS/Cloud model
Optimus is available on a hosted basis for an affordable monthly subscription charge. OptimusCloud benefits include rapid implementation, reduced resource requirement, reduced costs, and all security and maintenance issues managed by Neural Technologies, negating the need for in-house IT resources.
Price Performance
Innovative pricing model available that enables enterprises to access a pay for performance model based on agreed targets.

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