Block Scam Calls (Robocalls) Effectively At Network-Level

Persistent Quest to Block Scam Calls (Robocalls) 

Mobile phones have become ubiquitous, and voice calls have emerged as a widely adopted and routine method of communication for the majority of individuals in today’s ever-evolving telephony landscape. 

However, amidst this prevalence, the surge in scam calls, robocalls, and unwanted interruptions has created a pervasive issue. Finding effective solutions to combat these challenges is not only a demand from customers but also a critical business imperative for communication service providers (CSPs). 

Constant nuisance calls not only disrupt the lives of consumers but also impact their perception of telecommunication services. They may question the reliability and security of their communication service providers in an environment where trust is paramount.

Why  Blocking Scam Calls (Robocalls) Matter?

Scam call and fraud risk management are critical components of any telecommunications provider’s strategy in today’s interconnected world. They play a pivotal role in safeguarding both the provider’s operations and the interests of its customers.

#1 Reducing Churn Rates

Effective handling of scam calls (robocalls) demonstrates a commitment to customer security and satisfaction. When users trust that their communication service providers (CSPs) are actively addressing the issue of scam calls (robocalls), they are more likely to remain loyal to that provider, reducing churn rates and fostering long-term customer relationships.

#2 Minimizing Operational Costs

Proactively managing scam calls (robocalls) can result in cost savings for telco providers. Fewer customer complaints and support inquiries related to scam calls (robocalls) reduce the workload on customer support teams, resulting in lower operational costs. Additionally, as scam calls (robocalls) are prevented or mitigated, providers can allocate fewer resources to addressing the associated issues.

#3 Maintaining Brand Reputation

Telco providers invest heavily in building their brand image. Block scam calls (robocalls) diligently will contribute to a positive brand reputation. It sends a clear message to both existing and potential customers that the CSP takes their security seriously, enhancing the brand’s credibility and reliability in the eyes of consumers.

#4 Owning Competitive Advantage

Given today’s fiercely competitive telecommunications industry, where consumers have a variety of choices for their communication needs, standing out from the crowd is essential. Offering robust scam call protection is not just a security measure; it’s also a strategic move that can significantly impact a telecommunications provider’s market position and success.  

How AI and Machine Learning Models Help to Block Scam Calls (Robocalls)

The existence of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning models represents a quantum leap in the telecommunications industry’s ability to protect its customers. These sophisticated technologies have ushered in a new era of proactive and data-driven defense mechanisms that can swiftly identify and block scam calls (robocalls).

AI and machine learning models have enabled communication service providers (CSPs) to transition from reactive to proactive scam call detection. These systems are trained on vast datasets of call behavior, allowing them to recognize subtle patterns and anomalies that human operators might overlook. 

Talking about adaptability, as scammer tactics evolve and become more sophisticated, AI and machine learning models evolve as well. They can learn from new data and adjust their detection algorithms to stay ahead of emerging threats. Their adaptability ensures that scam call prevention measures remain effective, even in the face of constantly changing attack vectors.

Furthermore, the incorporation of AI and machine learning into scam call prevention contributes to an enhanced user experience. Subscribers can enjoy a more secure and uninterrupted communication environment, free from the disturbances and potential dangers posed by scam calls (robocalls).

Block Scam Calls (Robocalls) with Neural Technologies 

Phone call security assumes paramount significance in the contemporary realm of telecommunications. Communication service providers (CSPs) require a robust and dependable ally in the relentless battle against spam, fraud, and unwelcome calls. 

Neural Technologies’s SCAMBlock, provides essential capabilities and latest features to safeguard the phone call experiences of your esteemed customers to the highest degree, by leveraging the power of AI and machine learning. 

Network-Based Protection with Highly Flexible and End-to-End Integration 

Consider a scenario where robocalls, spam, and scam calls (robocalls) are intercepted and terminated even before they have the chance to reach the phones of your valued subscribers. With SCAMBlock’s network-based feature, this scenario becomes a reality.

Our network-based SCAMBlock solution utilizes a multi-layered analytical approach with machine learning technology to analyze and identify fraudulent or suspicious behavior in real-time, blocking scam calls (robocalls) at the network level and preventing scam or fraud calls from reaching your subscribers.

SCAMBlock supports a variety of industry-standard interfaces and protocols to connect to network components and external platforms for call monitoring and actions. The modular architecture enables seamless end-to-end integration.

Interactive Voice Announcement Alert: Vigilance in Real-Time

The Voice Announcement Functionality feature incorporates advanced real-time voice warning messages to alert mobile users about potential spam or fraudulent calls from outside the country and they have the option to decide whether to answer the call. This enables subscribers to make informed decisions before answering the call.

Picture this: Your subscribers receive voice alerts in real-time, the very moment our system detects a call bearing the hallmarks of suspicion or potential fraudulence. 

This instantaneous, informative alert furnishes users with indispensable information concerning incoming calls, thereby equipping them to make judicious decisions. 

Trust forms the bedrock of your association with your customers, and this advanced alert system not only enhances that trust but also appends an additional stratum of security that distinguishes you from your competitors. 

Personalized Call Filter: Customize Call Preference

Empower your users to an unprecedented degree with SCAMBlock’s Personalized Call Filter. It is time for them to assume command over their incoming calls, sculpting their phone experience to harmonize precisely with their preferences. 

Our feature empowers users to curate bespoke blocklists and allowlists for calls originating from specific countries. This degree of customization ensures the efficient blockade of unwanted calls, thereby bringing an end to interruptions and vexations. 

Harnessing the capabilities of AI and Machine Learning, SCAMBlock offers a real-time, data-driven call decision system, automating active blocking of high-risk, highly suspicious scam calls (robocalls) before they ever reach your customers. Our decades of experience and dedication to combating scam calls (robocalls) through advanced technologies like AI and machine learning have solidified the trust of our esteemed clients.

Contact us today and discover the power of network-based SCAMBlock for unmatched security and trustworthiness. 

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