Four Elements to Unlock Value Through Data Transformation

Data is not uniform. It is generated from a wide range of sources, and captured in a huge range of formats. That means fit-for-purpose data integration tools must include the right functionality to capture, integrate, and transform that data into actionable insight.

Neural Technologies’ Data Transformation solution is designed to take raw data and integrate it into a system that unlocks value for business. That journey is about optimizing enterprise processes and enhancing the potential of data to improve efficiency while unlocking new and potentially lucrative business opportunities. 

Four elements of data transformation

The speed of data generation is accelerating at a breakneck pace, with annual data creation and replication expected to triple from 64.2 zettabytes in 2020 to over 181 zettabytes by 2025. 

The 6 Vs of Veracity, Value, Variability, Volume, Velocity, and Variety are critical to leveraging value from that data. But doing so will also require sophisticated data transformation solutions which incorporate all four key elements of the process of transforming data to render it aciontable. 

  • Constructive. Adding, copying, and replicating data.  
  • Destructive. Delete fields, files, records and data points to remove data.
  • Aesthetic. Standardizing data to meet a particular data format or style.
  • Structural. Moving, combining, reorganizing data through structural changes. 

Data transformation is a critical step for any organization, embracing an appropriate data technology solution through the end-to-end data journey to integrate, migrate, warehouse, and wrangle data. 

This process is fundamental to an effective data integration operation, providing both the ability to capture data, and the appropriate architecture and functionality that enables real-time understanding. Providing functionality which can operate constructive, destructive, aesthetic, and structural processes while ensuring always-on availability is vital. 

Former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, Carly Fiorina, reportedly once said “The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.” The right data transformation solution is the lynchpin that holds that journey together.

Transforming data into value

Neural Technologies’ Data Transformation solution enables users to consume and process any kind of data—including both structured and unstructured data—based on customizable transformation business logic that can be adapted to your particular operating needs. 

Our Data Transformation product, Optimus,  is designed to integrate seamlessly with both legacy and emerging data solutions to ensure transformed data is readily available to upstream and downstream applications and storage systems. It can utilize multiple use-cases on the same platform simultaneously. 

This highly configurable solution is further supported by use of a simple scripting language which enables a bespoke business logic. It is easily integrated into any business environment, using real-time interfaces such as APIs, as well as streaming capabilities through use of the respected Confluent Apache Kafka technology

Our solutions’ interactive configuration operates with any external data representation (xDR) format or processing logic, and allows users to set out a wide range of individual scenarios to make a truly adaptable solution for data transformation. 

The platform approach allows a highly configurable solution but with true upgradability, enabling bespoke deployment through the same product, avoiding the problem of infrequent or unsuitable upgrades caused by customized product versions. That means your team can focus on the value generated from the platform, and leave the team at Neural Technologies to optimize the platform as it evolves. 

With its high performance, optimized memory utilization, and cloud-native deployment options, Data Transformation from Neural Technologies offers a powerful and sophisticated solution for the modern data landscape. 

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