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Neural TechnologiesOct 2, 2023 6:00:00 PM2 min read

Telkomsel leverages DMP solution from Neural Technologies and SMP

Telkomsel is set to leverage Neural Technologies’s data management platform (DMP) solution in collaboration with PT Sinergi Merah Putih (SMP).

INDONESIA, Oct 2, 2023 Telkomsel is set to leverage Neural Technologies’s data management platform (DMP) solution in collaboration with PT Sinergi Merah Putih (SMP), a technology integrator provider, to support its growth strategy.

With decades of experience in delivering effective data solutions that unlock real-time business insight and evolving revenue opportunities for customers around the world, Neural Technologies’s data management platform (DMP) solution will empower the operator with greater operational agility, scalability and shorter time-to-market for evolving business needs.

As a solution integrator embarking on this transformative data management platform project, the seamless merging of SMP's expertise with the capabilities of the esteemed partner is an intended outcome. A journey of innovation is underway to redefine industry standards in collaboration with Neural Technologies. Let this journey be undertaken with determination and optimism, and may this collaboration be transformed into a resounding success.

“We are delighted to support Telkomsel’s growth strategy with our trusted and powerful data management platform (DMP) solution,” said Neural Technologies CEO, Elena Loghin. “Our flexible, highly configurable and secure solution is perfectly positioned to support the changing business needs landscape. We look forward to this partnership to deliver the value to our customers beyond connectivity.” 

Neural Technologies data management platform (DMP) solution is developed to enable seamless integration and collaboration between IT Enterprise Systems and Network Element through the Optimus Data Integration and Neural Technologies’s Signaling stack unified platform to provide the operator with a resilient, integrated and data-rich ecosystem. 

Our in-built flexibility of data solutions is designed to allow integration across multiple sources with any data format and can easily integrate with any third-party applications through its API functionality. It offers data streaming integration that captures data from events as and when they occur, providing real-time processing and the capability to perform a wide range of analysis functions using machine learning models. As Optimus is highly configurable, the solutions can be rapidly constructed and easily modified to cater to changes on an ongoing basis in a specific business environment. 

Neural Technologies’s telco-grade Signaling stack works hand-in-hand in providing a wide range of solutions to suit the emerging requirement needs and expansion of new revenue opportunities. It offers rapid deployment, no special hardware requirements and boasts a low system footprint.

Find out more about Neural Technologies Data Integration and Signaling stack solutions. 

About Neural Technologies, a Lumine Company

Neural Technologies Ltd is a provider of modular revenue protection, data integration, signaling, AI-machine learning (AI/ML) software for telecom operators with over 30 years of industry-leading experience. Neural Technologies has built an international reputation for providing quality solutions to increase the bottom line for its customers around the globe. Its portfolio includes Fraud Management, Revenue & Business Assurance, Risk Management, Anti-Money Laundering, SCAMBlock, ActivML, Data Integration, and Signaling stack. Learn more at

About PT Sinergi Merah Putih (SMP)

PT Sinergi Merah Putih (SMP) is a technology integrator and managed services provider that helps its clients achieve great things and create new possibilities through the use and adoption of technology. SMP focuses on the following industry: Telcos, Government, and Cloud Computing. As a System Integrator, SMP's heart of business consists of High in Quality, Competitive in Cost, and Effective in Delivery. Learn more at