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Neural TechnologiesApr 22, 2024 5:50:25 PM3 min read

What's New in Optimus Revenue Protection and Optimus Data Integration: Software Upgrade Highlights

Germany April 22, 2024 – Neural Technologies introduces new features in their Optimus Revenue Protection v12.2 and Optimus Data Integration v8.0.1.0. These enhancements aim to safeguard customers' personal information, enhance user experience, and optimize operational excellence within the BSS/OSS.

What’s New in Optimus Revenue Protection v12.2

The Optimus Revenue Protection version 12.2 introduces enhancements designed to elevate both your data security, revenue leakage detection accuracy and user experience. Among the new features and modules are:

#1 Dashboards & Reporting On-The-Go

Access, analyze and respond to critical tasks wherever and whenever you need. Web GUI dashboards now accessible on desktop, Ipad and mobile for Revenue Protection analysis. 

#2 100% Discrepancy Detection Between Data Sources

Automated xDR by xDR reconciliation pin-point accuracy. 

#3 Customers’ Personal Information Data Security (add-on license) 

The latest features ensure robust customer personal data security measures to safeguard sensitive data especially the Customers’ PII data, enhancing trust and compliance with privacy regulations.

  • Role-based Data Access: Empower administrators to control access to sensitive customer data with precision. Assign specific roles and privileges to staff members, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access sensitive information.
  • Multi-tenant Access Control: Segment customer data based on roles, guaranteeing that users interact only with the data relevant to their responsibilities. This ensures strict adherence to privacy regulations and minimizes the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive data, especially PII data.
  • Export/Print/Copy Restriction: Prevent unauthorized data extraction by restricting export, printing, and copying of customer PII data and personal information. Maintain control over sensitive data, mitigating the risk of inadvertent leaks or breaches.
  • Single Item Copy: Enhance data security by limiting the ability to copy individual items of customer personal information. The granular control adds an additional layer of protection, reducing the likelihood of data misuse or unauthorized distribution.
  • Enhanced Audit Trail: Keep a detailed record of all data access and modifications to customer information. Track user activity and changes made to customer records, ensuring accountability and facilitating compliance with data protection regulations.


What’s New in Optimus Data Integration v8.0.1.0

The Optimus Data Integration version introduces powerful data integration capabilities with Real-Time Analytics and enterprise-ready web-based tools. The upgrades and benefits include:

#1 Kafka & Avro Repository Integration 

Seamlessly integrate Kafka topics as Consumer/ Producer and leverage Schema repository integration for efficient data handling. 

#2 Web-Based Kafka Manager (add-on license)

Simplify Kafka cluster configuration and management with a user-friendly web-based interface. 

#3 Web-Based Operations & Monitoring Plugin of Data Integration / Service Management Platform (SMP)

  • Build, deploy and monitor any data integration use cases with complete visibility of the data pipeline workflow via a GUI visual presentation
  • Keep track of your entire OS system’s processes, health and performance with unified analytics and real-time monitoring 

#4 SDK Available to Create Custom Plugins

Enable customization with a software development kit (SDK) to create browser-based plugins tailored to specific integration needs. 


The Optimus Revenue Protection v12.2 and Optimus Data Integration v8.0.1.0 latest versions are now available to all telecommunications companies, contact our sales to find out more.

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